Reverse Incantation (traduction en filipino/tagalog)

  • Artiste: Tangled: The Series (OST)
  • Artiste invité: Mandy Moore
  • Chanson: Reverse Incantation 11 traductions
  • Traductions : allemand, bulgare, chinois, espagnol #1, #2, filipino/tagalog, français, hongrois, italien, polonais, russe
  • Demandes: romani

Reverse Incantation

Wither and decay
End this destiny
Break these earthly chains
And set the spirit free
The spirit free
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traduction en filipino/tagalogfilipino/tagalog (rimante)
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Orasyon ng Kasaliwaan

Malanta at masira
Kapalara'y tapusin
Sirain ang mga tanikala
At ang diwa'y palayain
Diwa'y palayain
I made all of my translations, unless stated otherwise.
If you do want to copy them, please give credit. Thank you.
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