Rue des étoiles (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Grégoire
  • Chanson: Rue des étoiles 7 traductions
  • Traductions : anglais, chinois, espagnol, finnois, japonais, russe, turc
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Street of Stars

Hello ! Hello !
Hello, there, I’m on the bus
The 41 for Venus
That goes all the way to Mercury.
I didn’t take line 21.
There were too many people on the Moon.
It was necessary to descend to the sky.
And you, where are you in space?
Wait, I can’t hear anymore, I’m going through
A tunnel of asteroids.
You said, before the black hole
That you were not going to see
Your sister and her too drunk husband tonight.
We could meet up.
I have some dreams to paint for you.
Find me on the Street of Stars,
The Second after Jupiter.
I know a place fairly well
Where you can see the whole universe.
Find me on the Street of Stars,
Not far from the Boulevard of Ether
Aboard my space vessel
You will remember the sea.
You and me (x2)
We will stroll on Neptune,
This planet after Saturn.
We will have to follow the comets.
We will notice Uranus,
Also Pluto, the terminus.
There, the galaxy stops.
I know, you will not go on Mars
Because it’s there that inhabits THAT* woman
Who stole your former boyfriend.
But, forget your nights without slumber,
Of the infinity without Sun.
I will teach you to live with…
And so much of other things….
Desire in overdose.
We will remember the Earth.
You and me.
The Earth.
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Rue des étoiles

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