Reginaldo Rossi - Saí Da Tua Vida (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

I Walked away from your life

At the goodbye time
You looked at me
And could not believe
That the end had come
You tried to seduce me
Gave me a hug, crying
Insinuated yourself
Begged and suplicated
And asked me "why?"
But I did not answer
And not wishing to offend you,
I said goodbye and left
I walked away from your life
For you, I was just a bank check in the end of month
You didn't respect the man that loved you a lot
Abused my goodwill and deceived me
I walked away from your life
With no shame or regret
(It was) something you had no dignity to do
I have cried enough now it is your turn
I think this this way will be better for me, you and him.
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lit= with the head straight up, opposite of downcast in shame

This lovely song was generously and beautifully translated by Algebra. Thanks.


Saí Da Tua Vida

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