Gonzaguinha - Sangrando (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais


When I drop my voice
Please understand
Word for word
Here is a person surrendering
Heart in mouth
Open chest
I bleed
These are the struggles of our lives
I'm singing
When I open my throat
This force so
You all hear
Be sure
I'll be living
See the brightness of my eyes
And the trembling in my hands
And my body so sweaty
Flush the entire race and emotion
And if I cry
And the salt water my smile
Do not be surprised, sing
May your song be my strength
To sing
When I drop my voice
Please understand
It's just my way of living
What is love
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Meu Deus, I hope this is correct translation. Excuse me, if there are some mistakes. Portuguese is my 5th language.

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