A saudade aconteceu (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Camané (Carlos Manuel Moutinho Paiva dos Santos Duarte)
  • Chanson: A saudade aconteceu
  • Traductions : anglais
traduction en anglaisanglais

The longing happened

A while ago when you retained
Your eyes locked on mine
How many secrets they told
How many things they revealed
In that confession my God
In the silence of that goodbye
A while ago when stubbornly
Two tears rolled
Trembling silently
Slid capriciously
And ended on your lips
And sealed our kiss
A while ago when you departed
The whole sky turned dark
Thank goodness you didn't see
A sad cloud formed
Heaven cried and I cried
And the longing happened
Merci !
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A saudade aconteceu

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