Schwarz oder Weiß (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Black or White

Black or white, yes or no
Always with me, leave me alone
All at the same time....
I'm still awake
[With] only an hour's sleep, with [your] noise and racket
I have my life cleaned up, finally.
Because that was not I dreamed with you
It started out well
[But I've] Always been hard on life
But then you do Molly* with me
I would never have dreamed you would do that
Do you think I'm stupid?
everything got twisted**
But what is done is done.
I have no problem with that
I want black or white
I want yes or no
Stay with me forever
Or leave me alone
You want everything all at once
That's not normal
But I think:
"Fuck it, it does not matter!"
You are standing in front of me
Did you really think I'd believe you?
And that would shut me up?
I think that's pretty brazen.
Do you think I'm stupid?
You got everything twisted
But what is done is done.
But I have no problem with that.
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Commentaires de l’auteur(e) :

* Molly: MDMA aka Ecstasy aka "molly"
** using modern slang


Schwarz oder Weiß