Schwarze Sonnen (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Amewu
  • Artiste invité: Cr7z, Absztrakkt
  • Chanson: Schwarze Sonnen
  • Traductions : anglais
traduction en anglaisanglais

Black Suns

Since my birth I have invisible wings from petals
Many think I picture it, but touch it and then feel it
And they feel real, I jump from green roofs
To the altar of everyday life and can only improve myself by practicing
The wings were blooming yesterday, that was the first sign
After the years of waiting in which they were maturing on earth
They were hard to hold, threatened to tear in pain,
When they rode a candle at a young age
You can accompany me, I learn more in pairs,
In every experience, spiritual food is contained in the core
I let my sword decide, I shall divide the earth
Or open myself up more and hold light and creation in honor
It was decided before I was on this earth
I will be teachers and learners on the ferry of Merkaba
Become ever stronger, the closer I was to the stars,
But return to the dungeon, and set the mountains there
Here the unit is not a closed system,
To take the hopes of every elite man
I deeply project the cosmos into the veins,
Wants to give love through songs, remain open in understanding
There are so many who know the objectives and still fail,
Because the motives sunder love and subdue dogma,
Who steer for profits in wars, controlled by their fears
The fire lose, they end broken and paralyzed
Many were before me, many will come after me
We saw on the horizon, the deeds of the black suns,
The truths first came true and then taken into the grave,
But there are parts of it, because the others are already waiting
There was a ray in the cradle that day
He breathed and screamed as the seal broke
Born by grace and goodness came the Messiah,
Stepped out of the mirror and stared at the animal
From eyes with a raven black wheel around the iris
He was told, he had appeared, to complete the plan
They call the name in the gigas with eagle plumage
The frame along on the sheet with the punishment of the seven plagues,
Gave the coffin to work, but they never buried him
After decades it was clear he could not come back
It was said that in Hades he was burned in agony
In a robe of sisal,
That the swaths that one saw in the crater of the volcano
In all probability, his pain and love
As far as one has described, the machine adapted
The suffering has been many times since he has been regarded differently since then
She strung them up limb by limb, holding the ball in claws
Holding the ball in his claws, billions of children
And ate the White,
Pushed the wedge into the community, divided the one into the individual,
Consecrated some into secret circles to guide them,
Only one of the rites unfortunately went wrong and they felt,
As the energy of a second appeared,
Made by the boy of prophecy
At three o'clock the spirits were silenced, who were calling,
And also the servants of the beast held their mouths
He knelt in their circle, they knew, now the day has come
Around his navel was painted the hooks of the black sun
Whoever listens to my rap, enters a greenhouse in the broadest sense,
For my light is sufficient to bring forth fruits,
It is enough that you enter the journey into the interior
While listening to my word or by my sight
This is no rapper who babbles about vice
It is Absztrakkt from the City of Light with the "spirit-is-cool" saga
The ignorance is the leader and now rest,
Because what I'm doing here is actually for your karma
I kiss the white Tara right between the thighs (I reach transcendence (Buddhism))
You too got it, you can not look away
For a lie you need two to hide it
For two lies you need 4, for 4, 16, for 16, 256
The Bodhisattva sees enlightenment potential everywhere,
Even in the mud he will find it, and if I see in you honest institutions,
Be sure that I will not hold any instruction in my closed hand (I won't hide any lessons)
Check the scroll under your floor mat
Flying kites circling in the dark streets of Babylon,
Where plants enter under the rays of black suns
We take the risk
They have built us a prison, which no longer needs the guards
But with my rap, the gods fall out of their skies,
Until you realize that the door of your cell is opened only from the inside
I am not a searcher anymore, I am a finder
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Schwarze Sonnen

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