Seni Seviyordum (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

I loved you

In a city far away
Some time in eternity
Twilight reminded you and the times with you
After all this time
You are a memory now that never faints
How can someone remember the same eyes every day?
I loved you and you hadn't known
I was watching your hair from afar
How it touches your ear
And your nose, it was just unique to you
You looked up when you laughed
Your head has turned above and you had smiling eyes
How beautiful, you hadn't known
I loved you
Things crossed my mind couldn't fit into my heart
They ricocheted to the walls, windows, pavements
They returned, they multiplied
I was avoiding everything else whenever I hear your voice
You were my procrasination
You were becoming a heartache
You were becoming the street names we inhaled together
We were passing through bents, braving through bridges and sometimes jumping over dangerous water
We were couragous
Sweet silver lining was always blue, sunset amber and all the roses were red
I loved you and you hadn't known
You were becoming my happiness time to time
You'd never knew
Then you became like anyone else
After I was done with happiness
Rain poured down in cool june evenings
Then one day I saw you from distance
Your hair with the same determination
Your head challenging whatever is coming your way
It is just the same
It ached my heart again as always
I thought we had changed and again you hadn't known
If someone tells you all of it now, who knows
But never mind, it is better you don't know
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Seni Seviyordum