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Paroles de « SUN »

  • Artiste : Shane Eagle
  • Album : SUN / BABY BLUE 4's (2021)


No short cuts when it came to writing this
Feeling blessed now where a nigga finding this
Throw some crosses on your neck
Holy water on the flesh 'cause the sun be spitting like he possessed
When I drop it's like heat compressed
Man, my shit past the speaker test
Told my dawg "Put the gun on rest"
I'ma kill 'em with my bare mouth
No need to put a strap out
Young Eagle never back out
'Til Madison Square Garden packed out
And my shit on the corner, like a nigga moving packs now
Throw some flowers on my grandma grave (Ouu)
She gon' open up the way, we gon' fill up the safe
Never rap for the dollar, man I rap for my mama
And I rap for my brothers, light the candle for my father
We gon’ light up the sky (Let that shit breathe)
We gon’ light up the skies
Gave birth to the young prodigy you can see it in his eyes
Man them rappers full of lies, and I ain’t got the time
I’m only 25 with 25 to go
Niggas say they fire but I know they blowin’ smoke (Uh)
Careful who you call the GOAT
And I got the game by the throat
Young Eagle goin’ ape, and you ain’t gotta tell
I can tell you all my secrets if you swear to never tell
Got some killers who gon’ kill for me
Got some brothers who ain’t never seen bail
How you win if you don’t fail?
Flow like Niagara, like I’m Redveil
Man I made it out the motherfuckin’ bottom
Got my foot on the motherfuckin’ throttle
Niggas want Yellow huh?
That’s that old shit
Man it’s beige season, now I can afford this shit
Crib look like a fortress bitch
Can’t fuck with that I don’t snort no shit
Can’t front with these bums
Eagle is somewhere in the sun
I always felt like I had to go to uh, the 1st World
You know like USA to be specific
But instead
I’ma make them niggas come to me
You looking for the muhfuckin’ greatest, he’s here nigga!
The sun
Merci !
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