Simplemente Te Amo (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Alex Bueno
  • Chanson: Simplemente Te Amo 2 traductions
  • Traductions : anglais #1, #2
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I just love you

Versions : #1#2
I make a toast for those who spoke badly about me to you
and they said that you would never be happy if you were by my side
When the dawn comes and I discover that you are so mine
God, I haven't nothing to claim for
I made you the owner of the days which I still have to live
I made you the owner of the blood which hides in behind my skin
and I gave you this life which is full of promises
What did God to me when I finally find you?
I love you, I just love you,
when I walk around the corner and I took your hands
When we are on the street, when we are laying in the bed
With the brightness of my eyes with the calmness of my soul
I love you every single moment that I breathe
Every step in my way, I love you each time you get mad
Laying down on my pillow until being lifted up
Then I realize that you, also, are in love with me
Merci !
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Simplemente Te Amo

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