Славься, Русь! (Slavsya, Rus'!) (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Arkona (Аркона)
  • Aussi interprété par: Ivan Tsarevich
  • Chanson: Славься, Русь! (Slavsya, Rus'!) 11 traductions
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traduction en anglaisanglais

I Glorify You, Rus' (Russia)!

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Mother-Ground is big, Rus' is great
Oh, your (Russian) space is big
Through endless fields of golden color*
Dazhbog's children have come here**
Through eternal thickets
Through distant lands
Our native brothers have come here-
The sons of Dazhbog
We will rise our menacing flags up
We will revive the Old Rus!
We will keep behests of Prav'*** -
I swear to Gods!
Oh-yeah, Mother-Night, daughter of Svarog****
I pray you to hide gray (old) behests of fathers
In thicket of holy forests
From eyes of black angry enemy
Again my heart stops
When I say the words hardly breathing:
I glorify you, My Mother!
I glorify you, Russian soul!
Through eternal thickets
Through distant lands
Native brothers, let say:
I glorify you Rus', My Ground!
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Commentaires de l’auteur·e :

* "golden" color of wheat - wheat fields
** Dazhbog - one of main Slavic gods
*** Prav' - laws of Slavic paganists
**** Svarog - god of fire

Славься, Русь! (Slavsya, Rus'!)