Amaury Vassili - Sognu (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

I Dream

I dream of those lips,
of this clear and pure voice.
A memory never lost within me.
That night here with you.
I dream, I wail.
In my heart there is no spring.
Of life I expect tomorrow.
Kneeling I guard the sea!
I will share the world with you,
but you don't want to.
I dream of a victory.
I always think that, far away from you.
You are close to me, I dream of you.
I will sing, I will sing to you, the song of you and me.
I cry and feel bad.
I pray to the heaven till I die.
Here on the mountain, I'd be in front of you
to awaken from this dream.
If you die, I will stop living.
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It should be noted that several lyrics of this song in Corsican exist. And it should also be noted that several English translations exist - and that many of them are incorrect. I have tried translating it as text-near as possible using the lyrics provided by the user who requested them.