Sonzai Shoumei (存在証明) (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: One OK Rock (ワンオクロック)
  • Chanson: Sonzai Shoumei (存在証明)
  • Traductions : anglais
traduction en anglaisanglais

Existence proof

What could be seen when I stretched out, was it the scene that was too early?
I didn't want to see, didn't want to feel, being lazy my feelings stiffened
Normal, what is it? Now when I got so confused I want to hear it
I put one leg in like that
How crazy even the voices that shouts fades, into the deep sea
Rescue me now
I can breath in this world
and from shallow sleep it's leading us to freedom
Like I saw it in a dream the world goes on
What sort of colour on Earth might make that shape?
If it's only imagination, daydreams, illusions, delusions here, is it useless?
Show me how the art and mistakes to live in this world
the proof, even here it's reaching the deadline
Thoroughly being caught up in things like rules, money, status I can't even move
Today is also.... something thought-provoking
the opening of the curtains, the sunlight will stab me!
Here I am, even so, I doubt there's anyone who cares
Quickly the past hurries along
However, still crawling along this edge here should we uglily rot away? Right?
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Sonzai Shoumei (存在証明)

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