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soulmate (anglais) — Someone with whom one has a special connection; someone with whom one was "meant" to be.

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How could I hurt you
Trick and offend you
Soulmate I don't forget you
Even if my heart tears in two

Maná - The true love forgives

Neither mountains nor seas are an obstacle for the one who is in love

This song is for the one who owns my heart
To my eternal love, my soulmate
You are the spring for me, your smile is heaven
Angels sow radience, my love, on your face

İrem Derici - To The Only One Who Owns My Heart

My eyes cry continuously without a glimpse of You, My Soulmate
It seems that nature has stolen You from Me
How do I pass the days and nights without You, My Soulmate
I feel neither alive nor dead

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - The world seems lonely

Like jambon bubbles
How could I have hurted you
Cheating and offending you
Soulmate, I won't forget you
Even if my heart stops

Maná - True love forgives

Now would you leave me if your father found out I was thugging?
Do you believe me when I tell you, you're the one I'm loving?
Are you mad 'cause I'm asking you 21 questions?
Are you my soulmate? 'Cause if so, girl you a blessing
Do you trust me enough to tell me your dreams?
I'm staring at you trying to figure how you got in them jeans

50 Cent - 21 questions

Who is my for, without him
Years have passed, Ill never betray(cheat) him even if all lovers betrayed each other
My promise to him no matter how far away he goes
He'll stay my soulmate despite his absence
My heart is with him even if he left my heart lonely
And Im waiting for his return to erase the suffering

Joseph Attieh - Ta3b el Sho2

Me, who never looked at the sky, I have
In front of me this door ajar, but
The unknown bruised more than one heart
And his soulmate
We hope it, we wait it, we flees it even
But we love

Mylène Farmer - Innamoramento

I begged in my prayers
My sin was to be with her...

my Soulmate
my friend

İbrahim Tatlises - God, What was my sin?

All that fetty but he never met Masika
Tuck the chrome 22 in his sneaker
El Chapo but he crazy like La Quica
Young girls always lookin' for a soulmate
But I shoulda listened to what momma told me
Furry moon boots, shades Dita

Nicki Minaj - Black Barbies

Okay, I'm just gonna tell you what I gotta say, right here
I'm sorry Dave, I never meant to hurt your baby girl
She's your little baby, she's my soulmate
I don't want you to worry, she'll be so safe right here
Oh, oh, oh, so Dave, would you let your baby be my girl?

The Neighbourhood - Single

Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I'm on my own
If there's a soulmate for everyone
If there's a soulmate for everyone

Natasha Bedingfield - Soulmate

I love you so much, is a statement have no explanation.
Until this day I could't explain it.
Because when I knew you, I feel that u r different.
like a someone find his soulmate.

It's like that I'm a meadow & u r a sky of goodness.

Majed Al-Mohandes - I love you so much

Let her go, if it's easy for her

Oh my baby, she'd love me so much
"My soulmate, my dear" she'd say
But what happened, could this love end this way?
But wait a minute, she might return

Kaan Tangöze - "Wait" She Said then Left

Can you blame me? You're my Amy, I'm your Blake
Matter fact, make me a birthday cake
With a sawblade in it to make my jailbreak
Baby, I think you just met your soulmate
Now break it down, girl!

Eminem - We Made You

I put my had on your shoulder bad days gone
Frost hit and gone shout sattled down
Has to much steep can also be your soulmate on hug
fire ash smokes impatient Leyla
Time first crosses and later reconciles

Sıla - Enough

And in that second he became your mentor;
People were wrong about you; there was still hope for you, I know.
Your innocence had got inside his heart.
You were his evidence and he was your soulmate, I know;
Nothing and no-one may judge two people who are in love,
Nor their wants nor the madness that keeps them back, sweetie.

Diam's - In the Name of Love

Soulmates never die, never die
Soulmates never die
Soulmates never die

Placebo - Soulmates (Sleeping With Ghosts)

I want to turn my head and his smile to be there still
I want him to tell nice things, to be sincere, to be brave
To look him in the eyes and to remain myself
To say it, to mean it that he is my soulmate!

And if I had many bad experiences

Haris Alexiou - My soulmate

To look you in the eyes
But the silence is dead
And yours is freezing me.
My soulmate,
Looks for the error.
The more my blood empties,

Axel Bauer - In My Place (Featuring Axel Bauer)

Listen you can hear them calling my name
I'm all over the place, I can't sit in one place
I'm not ashamed at all
Still findin' myself, let alone a soulmate, I'm just sayin'
Feel like we one and the same, our relationship changed
That or it never existed

Drake - Jungle

I love you because you support me,
In my tears, you're always my shelter.
I love you because you are my star at nights.
Everyone says you are my soulmate.

Because of you're heart that is like a sea, (pure, deep)

Kamran & Hooman - You are the best

hey my compassionate laughter of my life
my madness spring and dreams
you were created to be my soulmate
and i had never dream about someone another but you

Maya Nasri - you are my the love of my eyes

Take my life and my scenery
In exchange I want to steal your face(1)

I'm searching for you my soulmate, my identity, my fatal Venus(2)
I've put aside the things wrong with unanimity, I'll be wise
And I dream of forming an arch, in flesh and osmosis with the Earth

Kyo - I'll Sell You My Soul

We wanted to laugh
But our Bad luck didn't : (

My Soulmate, don't miss me
Come on , our love way back is too small
My love angel <3

Buray - Do you need Love ?

the age and the most beautiful thing about was a dream and it flew from my hands
and the dream call isn't hearing or slowing down
for whom tell about my self I'm confused
or say my soulmate left me
between the eyes of people I picked
the eyes which killed me

Mohamed Mounir - The Dove

If my heart still can't get dressed by himself
that's because he hasn't found his soulmate
He fights rounds sent by life
He lives with a hundred cats in a backstreet

Melendi - Lágrimas desordenadas

The fire of desire from this separation
Calling out for you
and my heart misses you
Leave me and go, oh my soulmate
My injured heart has had enough of this suffering

Haifa Wehbe - Fire of Desire

Like dolphins-we go for swimming, searching for our soulmate.
Searching for stability, a strong back.
I'm waiting again, when we'll be not like them-
We pretend to be strong or afraid of being ugly.

The same things, we like the same things.


No such mountains, nor seas are obstacles to lovers

This song is to the sole owner of my heart
To my lifelong love , to my soulmate
You are the spring, your smile is a paradise
Angels'd scattered light, my darling, to your face

İrem Derici - To the sole owner of my heart



Dimitra Galani - Stereotypa mou

I put my had on your shoulder bad days gone
Frost hit and gone shout sattled down
Has to much steep can also be your soulmate on hug
fire ash smokes impatient Leyla

Sıla - Enough

But you are a werewolf
Aren’t you my love
And I soon realize that it’s not a game
To find the soulmate of your life
I soon realize that it’s not worth the gamble
Cause I always lose

Soko - Don't touch me

one again during my silence the laughing sound plays a tone
hearing u got necessary for em
once again we stare into each other's eyes
once again dying for u became my soulmate(just wanna DIE 4 u)
every door u knock at u mean me for opening it
once again u open every door i knock at

Helen - Dobareh Tou

a father is first happiness
a ring round the heart
who says yes to the soulmate
cries, digging our days

Chimène Badi - A father

but the one I need
for thousands of years

I found my soulmate, my better half, ici, on your side
I don't have any other heart to cross

Najoua Belyzel - Celui Qu'il Me Faut

The restlessness doesn't understand
What can I do? Please suggest something to me my soul mate

Soulmate x 3

Adnan Sami - Soul Mate

ved jeg faldskærmen folder sig ud
Og jeg er ligeglad
med hvad regeringer synes vi ska' ku'
for ligemeget hvad, har jeg fundet min soulmate nu

Men interkontinental, halvejs illegal

Sys Bjerre - Hey Vanessa

And I am fascinated by the spiritual man
I am humbled by his humble nature
What I wouldn't give to find a soulmate
Someone else to catch this drift
And what I wouldn't give to meet a kindred

Alanis Morissette - All I Really Want

There's something about you that's like the sun
You warm up my heart when Icome undone
You're like my soulmate
And on those days - when I hurt - when I break
You are my bandaid (When I hurt - wehn I break)

Pixie Lott - Band Aid

for you, continuously

Hey tu, that in the old story
are my soulmate
it was written about us
with eyes closed, we were all

One (Romania) - hey you!

For admiting what is that grives you

I want that different place
That of the soulmate and the presence
Who knows helping

Élodie Frégé - Come to me

Such love is my man
it is my sincere lover
it is my soulmate
my best companion
such love is my man

Myriam Hernández - Such a Man

I'm weak, you're bright.

It's not said enough,
But you mean the world to me you're more, than a soulmate,
And you should know, oh you should know,
I'm so thankful and so hopeful that some day soon, I'll shine like you…

Axel Hirsoux - Mother

Because you taste like the sea! Your caress is a wave of clean water.
It washes away all evil from my wings, and makes it so that I can fly again with you!

Tonight I will run a closed-door show, it's you and I my muse, I'll bring the rhymes and you the warmth, come here beauty, eyes-to-eyes-close, with your skirt to the ankle, I shall open a bottle, which loosens the brakes, beauty it is better that you fear me tonight as I have filthy thoughts in mind, keep that in mind, when I think of you I have mood swings and songs come out like nothing; for example when I was driving and the stoplight was red I was waiting and singing and the bloke from the nearest car thought I was crazy, wonder what he believed! (I should) Never think about your firm shapes, those inspire me karaoke-verses out loud. Every bit of me is yours even though I know you are not my soulmate, because you are too pretty. Yeah, that's a compliment, run away, but do not be nasty. I am your crazy head, you are my purring cat, and...

...You make me sing.

Articolo 31 - You make me sing

I'm not myself when you're not here,
you're not yourself when I'm not there
I had doubts about you, if would come to me,
my soulmate, in a short time I found out you were it,
there is no apologies nor excuses,
I've decided that I'm leaving with you

Carlos Baute - Crazy in love

i know that the parachute will deploy
and don't care
about what the goverment thinks we should ku'
because no matter what, i have found my soulmate now

but intercontinental, halfway illegal

Sys Bjerre - Hey Vanessa

I forgot those who were upsetting me for nothing
Those who were adoring me to no avail
The one who knows me and loves me like that
Let him be a crown on my head, my soulmate

Ajda Pekkan - Wish

As long as we lay down

Chance is the fooling around clown's joke
Maybe you're my soulmate
Maybe you're not the one
But 'you and I'

Kaïn (Canada) - Adam and Eve

the little princess and her older brother
and her older brother

my soulmate my adversary
in my madness my passenger
my love my only one copy...

Florent Pagny - Everything and its opposite

and I can't live one second day without you
I'm yours
cuz you're my heart my soul
I'm your soul, my soulmate
I'm your heart, you most precious heart
I'm your voice, you prettiest voice

Imad Al-Helw - I'm Your Soul

What do you look?
Your visage.
Think it a bit.
Think it a bit, my soulmate.
What would be happened at you if someone that has stolen me?
Suppose someone that has stolen me from you?

Asha Bhosle - what do you look?

You fill me up with love
Your kisses are better than wine
There's nothing I want more than you, girl
You're my soulmate, my summer and my faith
You fill me up with love
Your kisses are better than wine

Get Far - Shining Star

Come back one night, just to see you again!
Just like the dream I saw at the gold seashore....
My lost soulmate, come on, don't be late!
I will be waiting for you... don't forget me!

Lakis Alexandrou - White gulls

Because in my absence
I imagine who you've replaced me with
Make me believe
That I am your soulmate
I love you so strongly it scares me sometimes

Lynnsha - I want you to lie to me

Maybe you could be the one
The one who's meant for me
I know that I should wait
But what if you're my soulmate?
Slow down
Then you say

Big Time Rush - I Know You Know

Now I just wanted to be clear
I never ever ever want you near

‘Cause you’re not a soulmate, that’s such a mistake
You really thought you could infiltrate
The integrity of my soul

Hadise - Creep

So head up
Boats didn't sink
because those fights stop
when is soulmate found


Connect - Dalmatian girl

"Thank you very much for leaving me
Believe me, I am in a much better position now."
The half of my brain, my entire life
My soulmate, my best friend
If not even You could found me it's a pity for me
Whisper your friends, don't say a word to an enemy -

Abdullah Özdoğan - Where am I

in the city you have a damn limelight and there is no doubt about your status (high profile) but I need you girl, of course there are millions of boys for you I wanted to have friendship with you but you don't even look at me you drive vehicle such as Ferrari but you looked good on bullet (a motorbike indian origin) repeat in the city.....millions for you. million million boys no doubt no doubt your hair flow with the wind when you drive fast you play my song with a loud beat and tell the whole city tell the city tell the city repeat your hair.... tell the whole city. all your lovers are.only for your hobby your lovers take every breath loudly and make a line for the the turn in the middle of the road repeat in the city.... ..millions of boys god has given you so beautiful face and equally beautiful heart what more is missing my life lovers and brands roam around you what actually is missing from you is a true soulmate your two eyes rob my heart but the shades cover your ecstasy eyes I am dying for you but you don't give a damn about that your demands and abstracts are represented eveeyday to me from where should I get the Ferrari from where should I get the brand I don't have any attitude related to the status and my feet will always be grounded (down to earth) repeat in the city....... ...millions of boys for you I wanted friendship with you but you don't even look at me you drive Ferrari but you look good on bullet (a motorbike of indian origin) in the city you have damn limelight but I need you girl

propheC - Taur

That without queens there are no kings.

The world is a shell that eavesdrops,
You should learn how to lose and you’ll find your soulmate,
Open the window so that the breeze could come in,
You hold all the cards, but you don’t know what’s at stake.

Bere Gratis - Warm Night

Me, who no longer looked at the sky, I have
In front of me this door standing ajar, but
The unknown has hurt more than a heart
And one's soulmate
We hope for it, we wait for it, we even flees from it.
But we love nonetheless

Mylène Farmer - Falling in love

you're staring embarrassments
you drink milk for breakfast
you get inside people.
and in dreams you are there, oh soulmate
how bad I'd chase a star
and if you were really the ideal woman

Dear Jack - Soulmate

To the winged souls of the roses
of almond trees I am calling you:
for there are many things we need to talk about,
oh my soulmate, my companion.

Joan Manuel Serrat - Elegy (To Ramón Sijé)

He collects, he renews
She loves it (x4)

And he hurries to reconquer his soulmate,
A young girl who barely had time to mature
He tries again,

Joyce Jonathan - The Trap

She likes reassurance
Of these off-white walls

She finds her soulmate
On a Wednesday
He likes colours

Alexandre Poulin - Off-White

At first, everything is like that
He calls me sweet names in every sentence
Today I've finally made a decision
A bad choice for my soulmate

He loves only himself

Simge - He's in trouble

Ah, la, ha, la, ya, ha, ya, ha, ah
Reprinted from

The soulmate in my dream,how desperate I want you to be real.
Searching you within endless dreams,Waiting for you at this minute for your countless minutes kisses.

Faye Wong - The soulmate in my dream

About you

People knows that I was writing some words,
about a soulmate.
Those were visions and predictions.
Those were also prayers and now I kneel in front of you,

Ničim izazvan - About you

At that moment he became your mentor.
People were wrong, hope still exists, I know
Your innocence pierced his soul
You were his certainty, he was your soulmate, I know
Nothing and no one can judge people in love,
Nor their wants, not even the madness that plagues them.

Diam's - In the name of love (or "For Love")

From your separation I'm in fire, I'm in fire my mate

I will not desist from my demand, til my desire is satisfied
Either the body reaches the soulmate, or the soul leaves the body

Open my grave after I died and see

Mohammad Esfahani - Demand

I dreamt up the one since elementary
And you have no idea what every single moment meant to me
We said the time is wrong I waited a thousand centuries
We are soulmate and we’ll find ourselves eventually
I gave you space but it felt like you abandoned me
Did you abandon me

D'African - I'm Leaving

så vet jag att fallskärmen vecklas ut
och jag bryr mig inte
med vad regeringen tycker att vi ska 'ku'
för oavsett vad, så har jag funnit min soulmate tillslut

men interkontinental, halvvägs illegal

Sys Bjerre - Hey Vanessa

Like the rain which satiesfies our hearts...

In your future
There will be a soulmate and it will be the best.
Yesterday a rose was born...
And you will have new hopes and dreams,

Eros Ramazzotti - A Rose Was Born Yesterday

Why are you late,
opposite me soulmate
how do you know what it will say
love's dagger

Nikos Portokaloglou - Bittersweet

What's to become of my love
My heart is still within you
Still you to me
Are my soulmate as how it used to be

Rinni Wulandari - My Big Dream

I'm not ugly
And I can eat a lot without getting fat
My soulmate loves me
And he didn't cheat on me with my best friend

Simona Radu - Too Happy for a Rock Star

It's some teenage melancholy,
Or nights filled with so much desire you could die
Hanging on the hook of a soulmate
It's always all about sighing
Ah, ah...

Vincent Delerm - Desire, Desire

You're my salvation, you're my hope
Your light doesn't come from your snow-white dress
It can be seen in little things that your soulmate only notices
Don't say a word, just listen

PaNaMo - Coming to you

I can't take my eyes off of you, oh my sweet! Never shall my eyes grow tired of admiring your beauty!
You are so beautiful that it was love at first sight for me.
Come right up close to me, be my soulmate and accompany me through life,
I beg you, my Beauty from Khon Kaen. My khene-player heart will never forget you.

Got Jakrapun - For the Love of a Young Girl From Khon Kaen

Soulmate, dry your eye
Dry your eye
Soulmate, dry your eye
'Cause soul mates never die

Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts

Say..Say.. my Soulmate you say it;
Why dont you no longer follow the path of my heart?

You get upset from me and leave me alone;
And there is no way to change your mind!

Morteza Pashaei - Soulmate

The insanity breaks its way through
And the laughter dies away
Help me, brother of sleep[fn value="*"]Not sure only translated word by word, but maybe <em>soulmate or buddy</em> be meant[/fn]
You promise nothing, you keep everything, a sweet death

Finsterforst - It dies last of all

Do you feel like you're alone, Will? You have a soulmate? Somebody who challenges you. I'm talking about someone who opens up things for you - touches your soul. You can't give back to them, you know. You'll never have that kind of relationship in a world where you're always afraid to take the first step because all you see is every negative thing ten miles down the road. You can do anything you want, you are bound by love

Yeah, are you my soulmate, my angel?
What do you want with me?
Too high, slow pace, my eyes closed

Mac Miller - Soulmate

And I ain't even worried 'bout it this time
I know he gon' be the one to treat me just right
Never had a motherfucker this tight
So baby this is what your soulmate looks like
I look good, right?

Ariana Grande - Knew Better Part 2

I can't take this no more
She's always facing the floor
There's nothing worse than an unhappy soulmate

Never gonna live to see your 21st birthday

The Von Bondies - 21st Birthday

Erkenn dich unter tausenden Frauen in der Menge.
Spreiz deine Flügel, ich weiß du kannst fliegen.
Nein, keine Liebe ist das was ich fühle,
du bist mein Soulmate, das was mich ausmacht.
Im Cabrio nachts durch die Hauptstadt, ich werds nie vergessen.
Ich weiß das seit ewig, würd alles für dich tun, du bist mein Mädchen.

Kayef - Durchs Feuer

Become equal to the wind..."

"The mirror world
Of my soulmate's eyes
Reflects the dreams that I saw
A hundred times.

Hi-Fi - The Right to Happiness

Even dying without you is difficult
You're my life partner
You're my soulmate
You're my destiny, my soulmate
You're my mind
Where there is mind, there is life

Kumar Sanu - Listen, Say

Let the party start when you smile.

You are beyond my life,
My soulmate, my destiny,
And my most beautiful news.
I am very fond of you, you know.

Kenan Doğulu - Pot and Lid

I met you over the border. To find soul peace
And now I feel complete
You are my soulmate

I thought the angels only, only existed in the sky

Kamferdrops - I thought angels existed

You are loyal to my heart
You are the cure of my heart
You are a melody of my heart
Your voice is in unison with mine ( or "You are my soulmate" )

I thought being in a distant place,

Shabnam Surayya - Loyal to my heart (Wafai Delam)

in my head, meet every playspot
the only one i want to see, even
doble so sexy without the beer googles
she thought the drunk would find a soulmate
that from the beginning said all the right things
until i just wanted to be close

Vinni - Heaven

People say, "Don’t worry, love is always new.
Soon you’ll find your soulmate, fine and flawless."
All I need is just a single glimpse of you,
And I’ll ask for nothing more, I promise.

Yuri Vizbor - I Promise

After the end of all the time , in final

I'm not your soulmate, not you either till the end …

Whatever any reason will make us dreaming together , the distance between us will be like the one between earth and heaven

Amal Maher - you not my soulmate , neither i'm

But, but, but nobody has died.

Oh, my baby used to love me very much
She used to say “my soulmate, my life”
Well, what happened now? How can this love end like this?
Well, let’s see, maybe, she comes back.

Kaan Tangöze - "Wait" she said and left

[Verse 1 - Tyga:]
I love women and power, we used to sit and talk for hours
On the balcony, my condo play your favorite, shawty
No love lost, just the perfect soulmate, that's all
It's my fault, caught in a rupture
Should've been you I was touchin', I knew it wasn't

Chris Brown - Better

I'll walk in your footsteps
Even in the sky, close to you..
Your guardian angel is the day and night
Your soulmate is in paradise
I'll love you even in death
Because my love is very strong

Priscillia - I'll Always Miss You

I recognize you among thousands of women in a crowd
Spread out your wings, I know you can fly
No, what I feel isn't love,
You're my soulmate, the thing I am made of
Driving through the capital in the cabriolet at night,
I won't ever forget

Kayef - Through The Fire

gets to feel guilty, do you deserve even this?
but true love, it doesn't cheat or leave

I found my own soulmate, now mutual road
even if I weren't there, you still know
The most important woman in my life, mother of my child

Mansesteri - Disposable Love

And always wished to be in the moment.
I am happy that I met you.

Being without a soulmate, aswell as without a dream isn't possible here.
Must look for a twin.
I know, it won't just go away till evening.

Kravz - Glad that I met you

If you need it
It's still yours

This heart has its soulmate
Its hopes it won't fail
This heart has its crime rate

Jamie Lawson - Still Yours

I shall sting you while becoming a Nagini do not molest me.
Too poisonous are these my gazes.
I shall sting you while becoming a Nagini do not molest me.
When you become the Nagini so I shall also become a snake charmer my soulmate I shall subdue to you.
Ye secret shadow of the heart, do not turn arms.
Do not tempt me like this.

Mohammed Rafi - Go away you insane

Listen, you can hear them calling my name
I'm all over the place, I can't sit in one place
I'm not ashamed at all
Still findin' myself, let alone a soulmate, I'm just sayin'
Feel like we one in the same, our relationship changed
That or it never existed

H.E.R - Jungle

Wherever you Are
I’m gonna find you
I’m gonna find you
Near or far
I’m gonna find you

Linus Svenning - Soulmate

This is it, it's taking hold of me and pulling me in, oh love, oh love
This is it, it's embracing me until the end of time
This is it, even my heart agrees this love fits, oh love, oh love
I'm so very lucky to have my soulmate
What is there else to hope for?
When I meet your tenderness, layer by layer, you surround me like a blanket

Rainie Yang - Oh Love!

wo ho-ho-ho-ho-ho…

this is the result of my realisation
i will consider you my soulmate
wo ho..
wo ho-ho-ho-ho-ho…

Neeraj Shridhar - he showed me fake dreams

I thought you'd be cool
Not cool at all
When you opened the door (come on)
You said I was your soulmate
And I was there on my way
On the blue line subway

Yellow Claw - Good Day

You had to watch it through a piece of smoked glass

I thought after all these years of searching around
I'd found my soulmate finally
But one day I found OUT she actually owned a copy
Of Joe Dirt on DVD

Weird Al Yankovic - Close But No Cigar

You just are a formula of lifetime of happiness,
fate created me for your life.

You are (my) soulmate,
no one can change it.
Maybe it's better like that when you just are,

Ott Lepland - Soulmate

Do it everyday, there's no day off for dreaming
Do it your best, it will be good one day
Want to have a lover but you don't look for one
Your soulmate wouldn't come
Many people want a good life
But never find it

Takatan Cholada - Look Up To The Sky

About you

Men know I wrote a few words,
about a soulmate of mine,
those were the visions and predictions,
those were the prayers and now before you I kneel,

Ničim izazvan - About You

We will support each other
The grown woman knows the value of the love

I need you as my soulmate
The grown woman
We will share everything

Paula Koivuniemi - The Grown Woman

Hands in the pockets, eyes are down,
And the tongues behind teeth.
My silent longing still gnaws at me,
She's the faithful soulmate of mine.
Go on a bat, drink, dance and sing,
I'm with you for now.

Viktor Tsoi - The Star

Taganka, I'm your eternal rank inmate,
My youth and talent were undone inside your gates.

I know, beloved soulmate, we'll never meet again,
Our paths will drift apart as preordained.
Again on Friday nights the prison visits' pain

Vladimir Vysotsky - Taganka

Do you want the truth.. I am finished.. I am finished.. from you wishing no end..

I gave you all of me.. what's left for me, tell me
happiness and meetings and joy or sadness my soulmate.

Do you want the truth. do you want the truth

Nawal El Kuwaitia - Do you want the truth

Tot ceea ce Fetty, dar niciodată nu sa întâlnit Masika
Tuck crom 22 în pantof sport lui
El Chapo dar el nebun ca La Quica
Fetele tinere căutat întotdeauna pentru un soulmate
Dar am ascultat Trebuia să ce Momma mi-a spus
cizme luna blană, nuanțe Dita

Nicki Minaj - Barbies negru

I won't be alone anymore, it's like a dream

I'll meet a lot of different people today!
I wonder if I'll even meet my soulmate?

Tonight, in a beautiful dress, I will be stylish

Frozen (OST) - For the First Time in My Life

In norms and moral after all this fucking double-dealing
Changing directions and starting to walk
Leaving the lost and insignificant behind me
Self-deification becomes my soulmate
I become the one I always hated

Acacia - Egocentric isolation

I've always been right here!
I'm starting to get tired of waiting
The winds whisper
Someone is about to meet their soulmate
I'm coming to get you
Even so until that day...I can't wait!

Kana Nishino - If Soulmates Exist

Collecting jewels that catch your eyes
Don't let a soulmate pass you by

Boys in the girl's room

Garbage - Androgyny

And when I tell her: 'I love you, do you love me?'
She answers me: 'I love you, only you'
I'm dreaming of a soulmate, a girl who joins me in my roads
She and I, together all the way
A story of poems and songs

Hadi Younes - I'm dreaming of a soulmate

I want to ask him why He gave me everything
but not a person I can share it with and give them my heart
Everybody says that in this world
we all have a soulmate
But where is mine, tell me, God

Nelina - Happiness hurts the most

It's brave sound nnd AOA
나에게서 가져간 내 반 쪽 행복하니 넌
나를 이렇게 비참하게 만들어놔
너 땜에 깨져버린 내 반 쪽 어떡할래
붙이려 애를 써도 흉터만 남아

AOA - Soulmate (내 반쪽)

If they ain't look at me the same
I would prob'ly die with all the shame
"You did what with who?"
What good is a ménage à trois when you have a soulmate?
"You risked that for Blue?"
If I wasn't a superhero in your face

Jay-Z - 4:44

In the uphills of the sky it takes a lot of courage
to find a soulmate , to come across a saint

To jump over fires so you won't get burnt

Lizeta Kalimeri - Of love and sky

I wanna see sexy beaches, hotels

You can't save me, babe, it's too late
I'm looking for a freak, not a soulmate
Sexy beaches, hotels
Mirrors on the roof

Pitbull - Sexy Beaches

We've got a summer to live
So many reasons to give
Another soulmate to take
Take a breath, breathe in breathe out and fly
Hurry up and take me high

O'G3NE - Wings to Fly

let it be a dream, a fantasy
the one who breaks promises, may turn into stone,
let my soul be your soulmate
your soul to my soul

Nurettin Rençber - Tell My Beatiful

Years that I have dreamed of them
Memories, memories, memories
My life companion and love
Precious to me and my soulmate
I will continue to tell the stories a lot

Tamer Ashour - I Have Memories With You

It was such a bright moon.
It coiled around my neck, and took me.

The lake in the sky is pretty deep, and a soulmate for me.
It is incredibly deserted, and it will kill me.
It will relieve the pains.

Yasemin Mori - Shameful Situations

Inside my mind
We're bound together
This is my confession
Soulmate or enemy
A thorn in my religion
Release my heart

Kamelot - My Confession

Oh, keeping me up all night

I'm in love with you
You are my soulmate and my life
I can't do this without you

Avraam Russo - Leyli

of a young woman
who gave away her soul,
not to the devil,
but to the soulmate
for whom her heart beat
She thought she could never love again

Lynnsha - She Begs, She Shouts

Yet there's nobody else in here
The ache of loss is so severe
I shiver in the chromosphere
And Miss Machine found her soulmate
That swine 6942.8
He lasts all night without a break

Lord of the Lost - Traveller’s Wounds

Among the eyes of the people around me, I chose the pair that killed me.

Feeling a double shame to tell that I was confused, or my soulmate has deserted me,

Among the eyes of the people around me, I chose the pair that killed me.

Mohamed Mounir - Oh Doves

Where is the place
Where I belong?
Where is the place
Where my soulmate live?
Where is the place
Where I don't have to shrive?

X-Fusion - Dead End

There is a blessing for everyone
There is a gift in every birthday

Without yesterday`s soulmate
The dream of tomorrow would be still lonely
No matter how many wishes you have

Jimmy Lin - Birthday Gift

If you were the breeze in Spring,
Then I would be the kite that soars the highest.

If you were a bolted door along some random alley,
I would be the climbing vine outside.

Tien Fu-Chen - Soulmate

But you are my love, my life, my pain and Treatment
But you are my life, my love, my sweetheart

But you are cute, you are soulmate, you are the first and last
But you steal my heart with your look, but you are more beautiful than others

Amin Habibi - It's a pity!

I dream of green bills[fn]could mean either US dollars (any amount) or the green euro (£100)[/fn], yet the ones who have them disgust me
I have, a heart that cries, eyes that bleed
You hurt me so much, don't tell me that you love me
My soulmate must be lost somewhere in China
But fame will transform the ugly duckling into a swan
The mic consoles me, it alone advises me

Bigflo et Oli - I wait for the wave

Love of my life, my soulmate
You're my best friend
Part of me like breathing
Now half of me is left

Don't know anything at all

Hope - Who Am I To Say

If only you could know what hurt me, love

You were my love whom I searched for years
You were my soulmate, my love
Loving was a fire, you burned me
Tell me, why did you separate us, love?

Tunzala Aghayeva - Tell Me Why

One glance says more than a thousand words of love
when you're with me, when you're not here.

They say that somewhere in the world your soulmate exists,
but what happens when one day you see it
and it unintentionally slips from yours hands,

Dulce María - They say

yes a blind date
he's my blind date
yes my blind date
he's my soulmate
on a blind date

Sampaguita - Blind Date

Thanks to the way I am, foolish and meaningless
I win and lost what I have, and what I've wanted
I'm afraid of knowing my soulmate
And don't know how to take care of it

- Inmature

As a dark wave, my thoughts have been roused too frequent.
Happy New Year, my heart! I love you in secret,
These obscure evenings, and the lifeless mute streets,
I love you in secret, sullen shadow soulmate
Of the vicious boyhood, of the life that's faded.

Alexander Blok - Hour-Hand Of Old Clock Is Approaching Midnight...

So magical
Was predictable!

Tought I was your soulmate
But then you found a girl that's more than beautiful
Like a miracle

Barei - Forget It

It threatened to harm the doctor's loved ones
And its creator complied

But its soulmate was nothing but a trap
That its own creator had set up
To capture the "beast" and get rid of it

Oliver (Vocaloid) - Adam

the one I was so crazy in love with
I want to fall into your arms for the first time
forget all the sorrows
I want to get back my soulmate
I want to remember how it used to feel
I want to fall into your arms for the first time

Janna - I Want


And all you wish for is a heart that's one
But you're my soulmate: can't be undone
You hold the bullets, but he's got the gun
And he's gonna find me wherever I run!

Lucie Silvas - Letters to Ghots