Specchi rotti (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Broken mirrors

Above my bed, on my roof
the window that I do not have
This house has no doors, no limits, no walls,
Without windows I cannot say when it‘s day or night
My time has stopped now
These hours I never counted
Broken mirrors, dull walls
They have inside them (all those) silences full of words and my presence
Worn out eyes, closed and dirty with bitterness
I dream, I don’t come back, I lose myself, I get rid of my doubts, of all the wrong moves I made (wrong decisions)
I dream of your eyes, there is no limit anymore
I see the memory of a hidden kiss
Of denied cries and of filled up emptiness
Beyond your eyes there is no limit anymore
Woman, images and songs, floading words
Uneasiness, pain, obsession and
If I spread my voice nobody will listen
I walk up the stairs of my changing mood
I don‘t stumble on my own steps
I am never the same
Determinate, hesitating, accurate, inaccurate
And these brakes burn my thoughts like I hours that I never counted
And every evening the window that I do not have is staring at me
With fear and unsecurity it doesn‘t say a single word to me
It changes itself in deception
It is never truthful
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Specchi rotti

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