Sulle, emake (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Estonian Children Songs
  • Chanson: Sulle, emake
  • Traductions : anglais

Sulle, emake

Seekord ei taha ma kiisust, ei kutsust,
Jukust, ei nukkudest laulda.
Laulan vaid sellest, kes kõikidest parem,
kõikidest kõige armsam.
Refr.: Ema, sinust ongi mu laul –
Väike ja lihtne see viis.
Ema, sulle rõõmuks see laul –
mured kõik minema viib.
Olla ma tahaksin kõiges su moodi,
kasvada niisama pikaks.
Juba ma salaja proovin su kingi,
kleidid on, tead, kui pikad.
Refr.: Ema, sinust ongi mu laul…
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To you, mother

This time I don't want to sing of kitties, of doggies,
of Juku or of playing with dolls.
I will sing of the one who is the best of all,
the dearest of all.
Chorus: Mother, this song is of you -
the tune is small and simple
Mother, this song is for your joy,
it will take away all the worries.
I would want to be like you in everything,
to grow as tall as you.
Already secretly I am trying your shoes,
your dresses are, you know, so long.
Chorus: Mother, this song is of you -
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