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Sun (traduction en afrikaans)



Up, down
Right, left
Fish, hook
Bird, nest
Arrow, root
River, reed
Winter, fall
Summer, seed
Sand, stone
Star, wind
Dark, night
Day, dim
High, noon
Low, run
Red, moon
Blue, sun
Publié par SilentRebel83SilentRebel83 Mar, 21/06/2016 - 16:07

A collection of thoughts I had while on my morning trail runs.

traduction en afrikaansafrikaans
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Op, af
Reg, links
Vis, haak
Voël, nes
Pyl, wortel
Rivier, riet
Winter, herfs
Somer, saad
Sand, steen
Ster, wind
Donker, nag
Dag, dof
Hoë, middag
Laag, hardloop
Rooi, maan
Blou, son
Merci !
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