swan song

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Last performance or stint of someone.

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Huling pagtanghal o partisipasyon

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Проявление чего-то необычного, яркого в последний раз; последнее высшее достижение, последнее проявление таланта, способностей; лебединая песня.

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1. bir sanatçının son eseri
2. bir şeyi son kez yapmak

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« swan song » dans des paroles

Raubtier - Twilight of the Gods

I want to feel the feeling of going under
To hear the swan song of the world
To watch the world getting crushed by lightning and thunder

Childish Gambino - 3005

We in here, like Rogain
Or leave it, like Cobain
And when I'm long gone, whole crew sing a swan song
Cause we all just ticking time bombs, got a lambo like Lebron's mom

Yö - The Swan Song

I see your mourning veil, you used it five years ago
The Swan Song made you cry back then, made you cry

Haloo Helsinki! - It's windy in the moon

sing from a soul to a soul.
Tip your toes in a cold water,
jump with all you got into a swan song.
Because you and me,

Lana Del Rey - Swan Song

It will be our swan song
Be our swan song
Be our swan song

Electroforez - The Russian Princess

So, leave it, listen, we're captains on land
This is sad for us and her
And I will try to sing a swan song with my heart
And a strong storm will begin

Wir sind Helden - Time for Heroes

People's parties middle lane separation in case of emergency blow-dried hair only
Stock market flotation swan song hanged and imprisoned as a fellow all are afraid
Dotcom dying nothing to inherit though earn one's living dream in broken pieces –

Hollywood Undead - Rivolta

Sono così fatto, dovrebbero chiamarmi lo Scheister
Facendomi di erba e bevendo Budweiser, cazzo, non posso essere più fatto
Abbiamo finito con il rendermi il Charlie del "Swan Song"
Sgommo su una Harley ad una festa del liceo

Hollywood Undead - Riot

I'm so damn tight, they should call me the Scheister
Hitting bud and Budweiser, shit, I couldn't get higher
You done turned me into the "Swan Song" Charlie
Peeling out on a Harley at a high school party

Tears for Fears - Goodnight Song

Here on the stage, the time has come
With the strains of "Be my angels!?, of rock in two four
Time may keep alive that old swan song
That we've been playing forever

Haloo Helsinki! - It's windy in the Moon

Sing from soul to another soul
Dip your toes in cold water
Jump flat out to swan song
Because you and me, so alive

Yö - The Swan Song

Your veil of sorrow I see, five years ago it got to breath
The swan song made you cry then, made you cry

Architects - Memento Mori

Decay is the only law.

Swan song.
A declaration of endlessness.

Raubtier - Burn-marked

that's how it works here.

So has begun, your swan song,
for the sheep love annihilation.

Willow - 9

Blue is the emotion, that I'm feeling
Apology’s an option, let me hear it
What took you so long to finish your swan song?
Not negative, just different

Keren Ann - Out of Date

Out of date
After the swan song
Out of date, left on the shelf

Set It Off - Swan Song

You cut to the bone,
Pick up the phone
To hear my swan song!
You don't even bother any more...

Das Ich - Swan Song / Swan Scream

With all of the waters, we're washing the other children pure.)

And so, an end to the beginning flows, like the swan song
With huge eyes questioning, we're setting off the sun

Horror Vacui - Swan Song

The most beautiful things are those that we have never known,
But more beautiful still are those that we loved.
The swan song of a generation that never dared,
It's the things that were never known.

Georges Brassens - The blazon

Which everyone who has seen it says is amazing.

It would have been my final song, my swan song,
My last love letter, my farewell message.