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태초의 아침(In the beginning of the morning)

봄날 아침도 아니고
여름, 가을, 겨울,
그런 날 아침도 아닌 아침에
빠알간 꽃이 피어났네,
햇빛이 푸른데,
그 전날 밤에
그 전날 밤에
모든것이 마련되었네,
사랑은 뱀과 함께
독(毒)은 어린 꽃과 함께.

In the beginning of the morning

Dong-Ju, Yoon
It’s not a spring morning
The summer, the autumn, the winter,
It’s not the morning of that season, but the certain morning.
Bloomed the red flower
And the sun‘s azure.
On the night before,
On the night before,
The all things were prepared.
The Love and snake are going with themselves,
The venom and little flower are going with themselves.