Tangled: The Series (OST) - Ready As I'll Ever Be

  • Artiste: Tangled: The Series (OST)
  • Artiste invité: Jeremy Jordan, Eden Espinosa, Zachary Levi, Mandy Moore, Clancy Brown
  • Album: Tangled: The Series
  • Traductions : allemand, arabe (autres variétés), bosnien, espagnol, finnois, français, hongrois, indonésien, italien, néerlandais, polonais, russe

Ready As I'll Ever Be

Believe me, I know
I've sunk pretty low
But whatever I've done you deserved
I'm the bad guy, that's fine
It's no fault of mine
And some justice at last will be served
Now it's time to step up
Or it's time to back down
And there's only one answer for me
And I'll stand up and fight
'cause I know that I'm right
And I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready
Ready as I'll ever be
Now it's time to rise up
Or it's time to stand down
And the answer is easy to see
And I swear by the sword
If you're in, get on board
Are you ready?
I'm ready, we're ready, we're ready
Ready as I'll ever be
Are you quite sure we can do this?
Together we will, guarantee
(I'll make them hear me)
Now it's time to repeat
Or it's time to resolve
(Prove they can trust me)
And the outcome will hardly come free
I'll save my home and family
Now the line's in the sand
And our moment's at hand
And I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready
Ready as I'll ever be
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