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Tank! (traduction en persan)

  • Artiste : Cowboy Bebop (OST) (カウボーイビバップ) Artiste invité : Seatbelts, Tim jensen
  • Chanson : Tank!
  • Traductions : persan, roumain, turc


I think it's time we blow this scene
Get everybody and the stuff together
Ok, three, two, one, let's jam!
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Opening theme for the anime Cowboy Bebop

traduction en persanpersan
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فک کنم وقتشه این صحنه رو بفرستیم هوا
همه افراد و چیزا رو جمع کنیم دور هم
خب، یک،دو،سه،بیا بنوازیم!
Merci !
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Maybe I am

Publié par MaybeIAMMaybeIAM Mar, 25/01/2022 - 07:07
Commentaires de l’auteur·e :

Cowboy bebop op theme
Has only a few sentences
Since here singer probably meant to jam to the music, so inviting to vibe to music, meaning something like "let us sing and enjoy"

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