Texas - The Conversation


The Conversation

It's time to have a conversation
It's never what you wanna hear
It's funny how much words can hurt you
Even after all these years
I wanna make an observation
'Bout how you tear your world apart
And every time I try to tell you
You blame it on your fickle heart
How they're hurting you
When they're not deserving you
Are so, are so afraid of you
It's time to have a conversation
Give it up,
I'm never gonna hold you up
You've always been afraid of love
It's time to have a conversation
Waking up is never easy
So why don't you come over here
Tell me 'bout the dreams that haunt you
Tell me 'bout your secret fears
I wanna change your whole perception
If only I could make you see
How it's all your own creation
That's bringing you this misery
The words you hear in your head
Were never said, were never said
The heart you break, you mistake
For me instead, for me instead
(Chours x2)
Publié par olivia d. le Sam, 15/06/2013 - 13:12
Merci !