Sindhu Menon - Tharai Irangiya (traduction en anglais)


Tharai Irangiya

Tharai Irangiya Paravai Polavae
Manam Mella Mella Asainthu Poguthey
Karai Othungiya Nurayai Polavae
En Uyir Thaniyae Othungugirathey
Thoda Thoda Thoda
Tholainthu Pogiraen
Yedai Yedai Miga
Kurainthu Pogiraen
Ada Ithu Yenna
Mulainthu Sergiraen
Nagathin Nuniyil Hanai
Silirthu Vida Gandaen
Nathiyilmithakkum Odam Ena
Vaanil Alayum Maegam Ena
Maara Thudikkum Thaegam Kandaen
Ithuvum Puthiya Unarvu Allava
Kaathal Pechil Poi Poosuvaai
Mayangum Velayil Mei Poosuvaai
Vilaga Ninaithaal Kan Veesuvaai
Thavithaen Thavithaen Kidanthu
Thavithaen Thavithaen
Thavithaen Thavithaen
Yethu Yethu Ennai Varudi Povathu
Yethu Yethu Ennai Thirudi Povathu
Yethu Yethu Ennai Muzhuthum Šaaipathu
Nerupum Paniyum Nerungu Kirathu
Thiru Thiru Vena
Vizhithu Paarkiraen
Thisai Anaithilum Unnai
Nødikørumurai Thudithu Pøgiraen
Ènathu Peyarum Maranthu Nadakindraen
Arugil Irunthaal Un Vaasanai
Thølaivil Irunthaal Un Yøsanai
Yenakkul Thinamum Un Baathanai
Inimael Yenathu Payanam Šugamae
Ithamaai Unarnthu Un Kaathalai
Muzhuthaai Maaruthu Yen Vaanilai
Inimael Yaarum Yaarø Illai
Kanavum Ninaivum Inainthu Varuthey
Varuthey Varuthey Varuthey
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traduction en anglais


Like a bird which landed
my mind slowly moving and going
like the foam which was dragged onto shore separately
my life also getting separated
when i touch touch touch
i get lost
i m losing my weight weight
wow look at this
i m breaking and getting attached again
in the tip of the nail
i horripilate
like the boat that floats on the river
like the clouds that is seen roaming in skies
i saw the body which wants to be changed
this one is a new experience isn't it?
while speaking romantic words you apply lies
while during inebriation you apply truth
if I try to leave from you, you throw your eyes on me(stare)
suffered I suffered
suffered suffered
suffered suffered
which which is the one that touches me and go?
which which is the one that steals me and go?
which which is the one that completely nail me to ground?
both the heat and cold are coming nearby to me
I move my eyeballs here and there
and see you
in every direction
i see you
every second i m feeling twitched in my body
I walk forgetting my name fully
if you are near me i smell you
if you are far from me your idea comes to my mind
inside me daily your torture
after this my journey will be fine
After I felt your love so softly
my weather is changing completely
and from now on we both are not distant persons
both dream and consciousness merged coming
coming coming coming
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