That's impossible

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That's impossible (anglais) — Something that I doesn't seem to happen

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That's impossible — -Either-
Referring to something very unlikely.
Expressing surprise at someone doing something very difficult.

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That's impossible — nimeni nu poate sa faca acest lucru ; care nu este posibil

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Traductions de « That's impossible »

allemandauf keinen Fall!
allemandkommt nicht in Frage
anglaisno way
Explications :
anglaisIn no way, shape, or form!
Explications :
bulgare(жарг.) няма такъв филм
Explications :
créole haïtienPa gen akenn fason
Explications :
espagnolDe ningún modo
Explications :
estonienmitte mingil juhul
Explications :
françaisPas moyen!
Explications :
grecΔεν υπάρχει περίπτωση !
grecΜε καμία παναγία
grecΕπ' ουδενί λόγω
hongroisszó sem lehet róla
italienNon esiste!
kurde (sorani)مەحاڵە
persanراه نداره!!!
Explications :
portugaisde maneira nehuma
Explications :
roumainnici vorbă
roumainnici poveste
roumainîn niciun caz
russeняма такъв филм
Explications :
russeНикоим образом
Explications :
serbeNema sanse!
Explications :
serbe #1, #2
suédoisdet finns inget fall
Explications :
turchicbir sekilde

« That's impossible » dans des paroles

You give me a feeling that I never felt before
And I deserve it, I know I deserve it
Its become something that's impossible to ignore
Its what we make it

Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (I'm ready)

I don’t love, that I love something
(I don’t love, that I love something)
I don’t like, if I like something
(I don’t like, if I like something)
I’m not glad, If I’m pleased to something
(I’m not glad, If I’m pleased to something)

Rammstein - What I love (Demo song)

He put me to work with a look of his eyes, he made me melt

Is it possible my heart is melting in him, that's impossible

Haifa Wehbe - My Heart Loved

Open your eyes, we really are not similar to each other
My dream is to live without worries, and you think: "That's impossible."
But we are together day and night. Do you hear? We sing when we are together
This sun is for you, while the moon winks at me

Nyusha - This new year

i think it my fair to relax one day

times of your love is has passed and gone that's enough for me i saw pain that's impossible to heal

let us stay far but promies to forget our love i'm emty that enough

Wael Jassar - let us stay far

where I spent so much time
not doing anything all and liking it, that I'm like a piece of furniture
that we can't move
like an ink that's impossible to erase
like a tag written in acid, like my name
carved with a candle on the windows the metro

Sniper - Carved in Stone




Between your love and my love
there are things to consider,
and a promise before God
that's impossible to forget.
And you could cure me,
cure me of so much injury,

Yasmin Levy - Between you and my love (between your love and my love)

He put me to work with a look of his eyes, he made me melt

Is it possible my heart is melting in him, that's impossible

Haifa Wehbe - My Heart Loved

Why do you want to lie to yourself?
If you truly know, that there's not love
Nicky Jam
That's impossible, that you forgot me,
That our time already finished...

Ken-Y - As I did

Someone is thinking about you.
Something is scaring you, right?
As if tomorrow won't come,
But that's impossible.

More than you know,


Just like a ghost from my past (he's come back to haunt me)
Saying that you want me back (but that's impossible so...)


Kat DeLuna - Love Me, Leave Me

- Any you, over there?
- Me, hah! I come from a madman
Actually, from a poet, that's the same thing!
At first, what those on earth ask for, that's impossible!
And afterwards, preaching goodness, that's oldfashioned...
- Tell us! Maybe it's funny?!

Édith Piaf - Heaven is closed

I can't do this heartbreak anymore
Keeps getting harder
Holding on till that's impossible
Like climbing a waterfall

Lawson - Waterfall

Then you're hurried
Don't think that everything
is gonna stay the same
That's impossible
Before I let you go
Let me look at you

The Strokes - Killing Lies

Like that time in grade three when girl called me stupid face
She really hurt me, Why did she called me stupid face?
Is my face stupid? How's that even possible?
A person can be stupid, but a face, that's impossible
Shit happens all the time and you learn how to deal with it
Regular everyday normal fuckin' bullshit

Jon Lajoie - Everyday Normal Guy 2

it makes me sick to hear you say you "love me"
I know you only love what I can do for you
If you were the one that was leading the charge
Would you notice if I missed a day or two? But that's impossible!

We all laughed at the parodies that you'd become

Megadeth - Something That I'm Not

They tell you that they saw me strolling in the city
with fine clothes on and a player's face
checking out all the chicks passing in front of me
but that's impossible I was never there

When you are not with me I behave

Los Amigos Invisibles - Lies

living on the verge of extinction
and comprades, you thought you could disappoint love
Oh-oh ooh yeah
But that's impossible

I know that you feel sorry

Håkan Hellström - Country club

I was ordinary just to you

So you say it's ordinary love
That's impossible to do
No such thing as ordinary love
I was ordinary just to you

Mika - Ordinary Man

We still might not want you around

But I fell for the promise of a life with a purpose
But I know that that's impossible now
And so I drink to stay warm and to kill selected memories
Cause I just can't think anymore about that

Bright Eyes - If Winter Ends

But I could never make you stay

You said you were in love with me
Both of us know that that's impossible
And I could make you rue the day
But I could never make you stay

The Magnetic Fields - All My Little Words

Talk and you take it back, back
Shaking me off my track

Leaving? I tell you that's impossible
and you aren't speaking
This is so unfair and I'm so deep in

The Saturdays - Wordshaker

Some people said "Distance relationship is impossible" But that is true,
It's similar as the first love in elementary school 2nd grade,
There is something that's impossible to caught up, I got upset!
TV, my heart hurts when I see Demi Moore

Rokit Bay - Brown-skinned Gump (changed Forrest Gump)

That girl should be me
I, used get stopped thinking bout you
Woah, oh wait, that's impossible
I'm just, wishing I'm with you
I don't, don't know what to do

Cimorelli - That Girl Should Be Me

You give me a feeling that I never felt before
And I deserve it, I know I deserve it
(Drake: I deserve it, I know I deserve it. Let it go)
Its becoming something that's impossible to ignore
It's what we make it
(Drake: It's what we make it)

Alicia Keys - Unthinkable

I want you to know that I'm still thinking about you
I want you to know that I'm here if you need me....

But that's impossible 'cause you were everything to me
and even if the memory of you makes me sad
that's the light that remains in my life....

Liberacion - The last light....

Natural about it
Water into wine please
She seem like America
I know that's impossible

[Bridge: Chris Brown]

Chris Brown - Counterfeit

Purple-hearted scar garden harvesting my thoughts song
And with the chalk gone, the problem still exists
At least the outline of its death prevents another fatal kiss
But that's impossible neither one of us opted to be positive
Stared each other in the face, and screamed until we lost it
And the fire magnetically pulled both of us right on top of it

Grieves - Scar Gardens

Don’t be certain if I swear you that’s impossible
Don’t doubt about my doubt and my perhaps
Love is equal to a safety pin*
Lost under the collar of chance

The moon takes the sun early in the morning

Los Rodríguez - Still Another Love Song

Delayed to five days after

Not really! (a test) I hate it (for real?)
Run away (that's impossible) way too vague (blank paper)

Mitsudomoe (soundtrack) - My Name Is Elementary Schooler

Because'm obsessed
To make him attack me

That's impossible, impossible

Claudiu Nicolae - Impossible

Lay out all the accents without me,
I'll correct you carefully.
I don't want to want without you.
That's impossible for me without you.

Your hands are tightly grasping mine.

SEREBRO - In Outer Space

Here ends the story of the fool
who wanted to fly through the air
like seagulls, as free as the air....
but that's impossible....or not?

Alberto Cortez - Castles in the air

I tried not to love you
And that's impossible for me
I need time to think it over
But why?

Nek - It's You

But you can restore it back to normal!

No, that's impossible, I don't know how!


Frozen (OST) - For the First Time in My Life (Reprise)

Here ends the story of the idiot
that through the air, like the air, free,
once wanted to fly like a seagull...
but that's impossible... isn't it?

Alberto Cortez - Castles in the air

Mum calms herself with drugs
While I'm still grateful for this circumstance
All my friends and the girls in my group
I love you all equally, kidding that's impossible
But life is short and for now
There's too many things that I love


The energy decline my way over your walls
Make me, just make me everything
Make me unforgettable like your favourite song
If that's impossible, don't know if I'll go on
Make me, just make me everything, yeah

Alesha Dixon - People Need Love

say whatever you want
I won't hear you
that's impossible
to forgive you and ignore (everything that happened)
don't expect me to be compassionate

Baran - Impossible

Climb down the ladder
Just because they're commanding me
I won't, I set my sights on something realer
They told me "That's impossible" but they always get in touch with me
Defeat is bitter, that's why you like sweets
You're so busy trying to have two pennies more that someone surpass you and you don't realise it

Gemitaiz & MadMan - Shut up and look at us

You must be mistaken
You said he was around
Just yesterday
That's impossible
For I know he's on a business trip
That's the only reason I am alone

Gitte Hænning - Don't gloat yet

With a little stimulation
It'll come once more, and you say

That's impossible
It's not impossible to do, oh
And you digest what I can see

Diana Ross - Eaten Alive

Just for a while in this windswept night, I want to know your heart
"I should give up", I thought
But that's impossible, and when I finally realised that
I decided to live true to my heart

Printemps (Love Live! School Idol Project) - Nightingale Love Song

On a perfect day, I know that I can count on you, yeah
When that's impossible, tell me can you weather the storm
Cause I need somebody who will stand by me
Through the good times and bad times

Guy Sebastian - Can You Stand The Rain

Because it happened what happened
because of your family and mine
they don't want us to love each other
but that's impossible

they keep me from loving you

Los Chunguitos - Because it happened what happened

Primeval times
With a little stimulation
It'll come once more, and you say
That's impossible
It's not impossible to do, oh
And you digest what I can see

Man Meadow - Eaten Alive

I've gambled with your trust
I lied to you
I'm not asking for remission
As that's impossible anyway
I just want to give you a sign
You stand straight while I fall down

Söhne Mannheims - I'm Sorry

God is dead, the Abyss awaits!

The darkness that's ahead is just like it's looking into your eyes
There's a horizon in front of you, the one that's impossible to comprehend...

Light is fading all around you

Unreal - Event Horizon

Leave me, I'm happy, go away that it's better.

And now you want that we start again.
That's impossible because my love for you is dead.
Take your letters, your stuff and never regret.
Give me your hand, a kiss and turn around.

Grupo sombras - Turn around