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I enjoy listening to pop, rap, emo, and kpop music. I especially like to listen to BTS, Twice, SEVENTEEN, GOT7, VIXX, Red Velvet, Selena Gomez , Twenty One Pilots, Maroon5, 2NE1, Big Bang, Rihanna, and many more. I also enjoy watching anime, and singing to their openings. Things I like to do in my spare time are drawing, doing kpop choreographies, singing, watching anime, and learning new languages.My favourite animes include fairytail, sword art online, yona of the dawn, soul eater, ouran high school host club,and etc.

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I grew up in Canada to a half Croatian and half Canadian family so i can speak a bit of Croatian. I also know somewhat a lot of japanese especially for someone like me who is basically a beginner in speaking japanese. I also have a passion for figure skating

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League of Legends (OST)POP / STARSvideo anglais, coréen → coréen
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anglais, coréen → coréen
4 remerciements
NCT 127Highway to Heavenvideo anglais, coréen → anglais
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anglais, coréen → anglais
4 remerciements
TwiceDance The Night Awayvideo anglais, coréen → anglais
2 remerciements
anglais, coréen → anglais
2 remerciements