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Centres d’intérêt

I can say that I have a wide variety of interests, but the ones I invest most of my time in are (I've enumerated them more or less accordingly):

  • Languages – basically everything about them: learning/studying, examining/analysing their development in time, their impact on human psychology and way of thinking, translating etc.
  • Listening to and discovering music – that's where I earn most of my knowledge about any language. If I don't have any music I can listen to in my target language, I eventually abandon learning it.
  • Singing
  • Collecting vinyl records (so far I have around 80 of them)
  • Photography (not professionally, just for fun)
  • Astrology (my Part of Fortune is in Gemini, thus the wide variety in interests)
  • Calligraphy
  • Typography
  • Drawing portraits
  • Poetry
À propos de moi

 Hey there! My name is Nicholas and I'm 20 years old. Languages have been my passion ever since I was little. I've been studying English since kindergarten, and French – since high school. In my free time I try to learn on my own every other language that has inspired me in some way to do it. I'm mostly concentrated on Italian, Japanese, Esperanto, and currently Turkish and Neapolitan. I'm quite meticulous when it comes to typography, grammar and punctuation, so you may notice me editing all the time all lyrics published by me (and by others as well) and also all of my translations.

 Apart from LyricsTranslate, I occasionally contribute to the Bulgarian Wikipedia. I also have a personal blog (in Bulgarian) in which I post about the music I love (currently on hiatus).

About the languages I've chosen that I'm fluent in:

 Please note that I don't consider myself fluent in any language apart from my native Bulgarian. Yet I've chosen English, Italian, French and Esperanto as the ones I feel most confident to both use and work with (with that meaning speaking and translating [songs] from and into these languages). I can understand to some extent the other languages which I've chosen as "studied", but I don't use them that frequently (or at all) as much as the ones I feel most confident with. I use them only to translate songs from, not into.

Shortcuts for signs I often use:

  • … (ellipsis as a single symbol)
  • × (times repeated) – I use it for any stanzas or lines that happen to be repeated in songs, as well as for indicating the repetition of the chorus
  • → (arrow pointing to the right) – I use it when I notify the translators for the changes I've applied to the source lyrics)
  • Āā, Ēē, Īī, Ōō, Ūū (vowels with macrons) – for romāji transcriptions of titles or lyrics
  • А̀а̀, Ъ̀ъ̀, О̀о̀, У̀у̀, Ѐѐ, Ѝѝ, Ю̀ю̀, Я̀я̀ (Bulgarian Cyrillic vowels with grave accents) – used for differentiating some words which are written the same, but pronounced differently (quite rarely and not all of them being used)
  • Œœ – for writing some words in French

Favourite singers, bands, instrumentalists etc. (sorted by nationality [in alphabetical order] and then by preference):

anglais, espéranto, français, italien
tchèque, hindi, hongrois, japonais, napolitain, portugais, roumain, turc

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Camellia Todorova (Camy Todorow)Lovely Memory bulgare → anglaisbulgare → anglais
MinaVia meblaro italien → espérantoitalien → espéranto
SadeРай anglais → bulgareanglais → bulgare
SadeОбичта е по-силна от гордостта anglais → bulgare
1 remerciement
anglais → bulgare
1 remerciement
SadeНай-прекрасният дар anglais → bulgareanglais → bulgare
SadeЧерешов пай anglais → bulgareanglais → bulgare
Camellia Todorova (Camy Todorow)Beau souvenir bulgare → françaisbulgare → français
Camellia Todorova (Camy Todorow)Bela memoro bulgare → espérantobulgare → espéranto
SadeСкалата на влюбените anglais → bulgareanglais → bulgare
SadeНе съм си мислила, че ще видя ден anglais → bulgareanglais → bulgare
Camellia Todorova (Camy Todorow)Bel ricordo bulgare → italienbulgare → italien
Tina Turner Какво общо има любовта с това anglais → bulgareanglais → bulgare
Hana ZagorováСреща tchèque → bulgaretchèque → bulgare
MinaАко по телефона italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Lata MangeshkarКолко странни са човешките взаимоотношения hindi → bulgarehindi → bulgare
MinaЗадръжки на вятъра italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaФранц italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
NetiStai lontano da me bulgare → italienbulgare → italien
ShakatakТъмна е нощта anglais → bulgareanglais → bulgare
BeloslavaPrimavera, estate, autunno, inverno… bulgare → italienbulgare → italien
Malika AyaneРазкъсвам си червата italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Vicky LeandrosНа изток от рая français → bulgarefrançais → bulgare
Anna OxaСестро italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Anna OxaВърви italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Patty PravoВятърът и розите italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
NetiLa lune dort bulgare → françaisbulgare → français
BeloslavaSolo con te bulgare → italienbulgare → italien
Ornella VanoniНапомняш ми на Милано italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
NetiBijou bulgare → françaisbulgare → français
Barbra StreisandНикога не ми е било толкова хубаво anglais → bulgareanglais → bulgare
Barbra StreisandМързелив следобед anglais → bulgare
1 remerciement
anglais → bulgare
1 remerciement
NetiFragole bulgare → italien1
1 note
bulgare → italien
1 note
Sezen AksuНеизживените години turc → bulgareturc → bulgare
FiordalisoНай-обширното море (Обичам те, човече) italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaИ след това… italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Ajda PekkanПоследният пътник turc → bulgareturc → bulgare
Ajda PekkanНе предавай turc → bulgareturc → bulgare
MinaДуми, думи italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaСмучейки грозде italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaПоне веднъж italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Ajda PekkanПразни приказки turc → bulgareturc → bulgare
MinaОще, още, още italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Ajda PekkanАми след това? turc → bulgareturc → bulgare
PerfumeСтрелката на времето japonais → bulgarejaponais → bulgare
Patty PravoВ най-добрия случай italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
PerfumeСладък рефрен japonais → bulgarejaponais → bulgare
PerfumeИстория japonais → bulgarejaponais → bulgare
PerfumeРазведри ме japonais → bulgarejaponais → bulgare
PerfumeКосмически изследовател japonais → bulgarejaponais → bulgare
MinaОтвъд реката italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaБез дъх italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Momoko KikuchiПриключение japonais → bulgarejaponais → bulgare
MinaЗаслужаваш си ада italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaНикой italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaДни italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaКаква вкусотия italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Lys AssiaРефрен français → bulgarefrançais → bulgare
AngèleMi volas viajn okulojn français → espéranto
1 remerciement
français → espéranto
1 remerciement
AngèleИскам очите ти français → bulgare
1 remerciement
français → bulgare
1 remerciement
MinaСупата napolitain → bulgarenapolitain → bulgare
MinaТвоето обзавеждане italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaОснователно любопитство italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
BeloslavaNon ci sarà bulgare → italienbulgare → italien
MinaНа спирката italien → bulgare
1 remerciement
italien → bulgare
1 remerciement
MinaЛудостта italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaI Wanted to Write You for a Long Time italien → anglais4
5 remerciements
italien → anglais
5 remerciements
MinaКарта на света italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaТой, той, той italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaРози върху рози italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaОтдавна исках да ти пиша italien → bulgare
1 remerciement
italien → bulgare
1 remerciement
SadeЦвете на вселената anglais → bulgare
1 remerciement
anglais → bulgare
1 remerciement
PerfumeEndless Future japonais → anglais
12 remerciements
japonais → anglais
12 remerciements
Valentina MonettaЧувствителност italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
PerfumeБезкрайно бъдеще japonais → bulgarejaponais → bulgare
MinaЗагубих си съня napolitain → bulgarenapolitain → bulgare
Viktor LazloРозово кану français → bulgarefrançais → bulgare
MinaПо-добре така italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaВсе така сама italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaРазкарай се italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaПланината italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaСлед небето italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaTears in the Sand japonais → anglais2
1 remerciement
japonais → anglais
1 remerciement
MinaЩе разбера italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaВажното е да се свършва italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaОт време на време е хубаво да останем сами italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaЛъжичка захар в чая italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Camellia Todorova (Camy Todorow)Няма болка в сърцето anglais → bulgareanglais → bulgare
Camellia Todorova (Camy Todorow)Не разбивай сърцето и душата ми anglais → bulgareanglais → bulgare
Nada (Italy)Шарлот italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Nada (Italy)В една ливада italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Nada (Italy)Отчаяна любов italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
KukeriJapanese Boy bulgare → anglaisbulgare → anglais
AnnalisaВ посока към живота italien → bulgare
1 remerciement
italien → bulgare
1 remerciement
Takako MamiyaКитайски ресторант japonais → bulgarejaponais → bulgare
MinaВече виждано italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Momoko KikuchiGraduation japonais → anglais
2 remerciements
japonais → anglais
2 remerciements
Namie AmuroБи ли празнувал? japonais → bulgarejaponais → bulgare
PerfumeНа седмото небе japonais → bulgarejaponais → bulgare
PerfumeПолиритъм japonais → bulgarejaponais → bulgare
Chiara GaliazzoСлънчев ден italien → bulgare
1 remerciement
italien → bulgare
1 remerciement