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À propos de moi

(Last update on the description: 10th of April 2022)

About me:

Languages and music have been my passion ever since I was a child. Using my knowledge of them in order to make lyrics accessible in other languages brings me a lot of spiritual pleasure and satisfaction. It's both a process of spiritual self-enrichment and a way of being useful to other people.

I'm quite meticulous in terms of typography, grammar and punctuation. I respect the rules and particularities of every language, hence I do my best to put them into practice (provided the rules are clear enough for me to understand). Of course, I'm by no means flawless, so if you think I've made a mistake somewhere, please do notify me.

Also, please be aware that I do not take requests for translating lyrics. Although I've done it a few times in the past, I think that translating something I wouldn't really like myself doesn't feel like honest work, so I decided to limit myself to publishing translations of lyrics that I personally like.

About the languages I've selected as being fluent in, and the ones selected as studied:

I have studied a lot of languages out of pure interest over the years – even such which I haven't selected. However, I don't have a set goal such as becoming fluent in any of them in order to talk with other people – at least at this point of my life. I prefer understanding a language when it's written or spoken, but not necessarily being able to speak it.

This is the reason why I don't consider myself fluent in any language besides my native Bulgarian. Yet, I've chosen English, Italian, French and Esperanto rather as the ones I feel most confident to both use and work with. I'm able to speak, as well as translate both from and into these languages. My priority, however, remains translating lyrics into Bulgarian.

As for the ones I've selected as studied, I can understand them at different rates, depending on their proximity to other languages I'm better at. For the sake of clarity, here is a small list concerning my proficiency:

  • Languages I understand well, but still need to practise more (and do so): Croatian1, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak;
  • Languages I understand less well and still need a dictionary or a grammar reference for: German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Swedish, Turkish;
  • Other languages I'm interested in and come back to every once in a while: Arabic (both Modern Standard and some of the dialects, mostly Lebanese at this point), Finnish, (Modern) Hebrew, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovenian;
  • Languages I have studied before, but don't use at all: Hindi, Swahili.

Shortcuts for symbols I often use, but don't have on my keyboard:

  • (Ellipsis as a single symbol);
  • „” (Quotation marks type 99-99) – for Croatian, Polish and Romanian;
  • (Arrow pointing to the right) – I use it when notifying translators about the changes I've applied to the source lyrics or when suggesting any improvements;
  • Āā, Ēē, Īī, Ōō, Ūū (Latin vowels with macrons) – for rōmaji transcriptions of titles or lyrics;
  • А̀а̀, Ъ̀ъ̀, О̀о̀, У̀у̀, Ѐѐ, Ѝ, Ю̀ю̀, Я̀я̀ (Cyrillic vowels and semivowels with grave accents) – for indicating stressed syllables in Bulgarian when needed;
  • Ǎǎ (Latin Aa with caron) – for transliterating the letter Ъъ in Bulgarian titles;
  • Œœ – for French;
  • Ăă, Șș, Țț – for Romanian;
  • , İ, Ğğ, Şş – for Turkish;
  • Ёё, (Em dash) – for Russian;
  • Đđ – for Croatian.
  • 1. I'm concentrated on Croatian by default, but may translate Serbian songs sometimes as well.
anglais, espéranto, italien, français
grec, allemand, polonais, portugais, roumain, russe, slovaque, turc, hongrois, croate, tchèque, suédois, japonais

1164 traductions publiées par Ondagordanto, 6 translittérations publiées par OndagordantoDétailsToutes les traductions

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IroЕла grec → bulgaregrec → bulgare
Zsuzsa KonczNi vivas mallaŭte hongrois → espérantohongrois → espéranto
Zsuzsa KonczЖивеем тихо hongrois → bulgarehongrois → bulgare
Chiara GaliazzoКрилете, които нямам italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Chiara GaliazzoНай-прекрасните дни italien → bulgare
1 remerciement
italien → bulgare
1 remerciement
Chiara GaliazzoНебето italien → bulgare
1 remerciement
italien → bulgare
1 remerciement
Irena JarockaСини пасища polonais → bulgare
1 remerciement
polonais → bulgare
1 remerciement
MilvaПредстави си някоя вечер на вечеря italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MilvaПътуване без багаж italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Mihaela RunceanuВярвай в любовта ми roumain → bulgare
1 remerciement
roumain → bulgare
1 remerciement
Angela SimileaСъс спомени не можеш да живееш цял живот roumain → bulgare
1 remerciement
roumain → bulgare
1 remerciement
Alla PugachovaТака че идвай тук russe → bulgare
1 remerciement
russe → bulgare
1 remerciement
PoohСам italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Patty Pravo…и се завърна пролетта italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Patty PravoДа умра сред теменугите italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Mylène FarmerЧерна синина français → bulgarefrançais → bulgare
MinaТака italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaПразният живот italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaЛюбовен вопъл italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaЩе те придружа italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaТрябва да се прибирам italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaСатен italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaКарираният плат italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaНищо друго освен щастливи italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaСвободен стил italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaВ ефир italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaДори един мъж italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaИ ти ли italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaТи си половина italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaСкъпи някой italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaГанимед Citalien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaМеханизмът italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaПросто да си поговорим italien, napolitain → bulgareitalien, napolitain → bulgare
MinaБи ли го направил italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaБакелит italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaЛека нощ italien, français → bulgareitalien, français → bulgare
MinaМного харесвам хората italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaАко убежището ми си ти italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaВълшебна лудост italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaПредставяш ли си italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaЗаклевам се да ти кажа истината italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Marcella BellaПланети italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaВсе същата любовна история italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaДостойни любовници italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaМоята старост italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaЖивотът капка по капка italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaЛека нощ, лека нощ italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaТрябва да ми кажеш „да“ italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
MinaНещо повече italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
PerfumeДискотека в стая japonais → bulgarejaponais → bulgare
Gabi NovakЛутай се, сърце мое croate → bulgare
1 remerciement
croate → bulgare
1 remerciement
Gabi NovakГовориш ми луди неща croate → bulgare
1 remerciement
croate → bulgare
1 remerciement
Gabi NovakМладостта трая кратко croate → bulgare
1 remerciement
croate → bulgare
1 remerciement
Alla PugachovaВярвам в теб russe → bulgarerusse → bulgare
Udo JürgensКак бих могъл да си тръгна от теб allemand → bulgareallemand → bulgare
Sonia (Slovakia)Сестрички и братя slovaque → bulgareslovaque → bulgare
Sonia (Slovakia)Приказка за лека нощ slovaque → bulgareslovaque → bulgare
Anna JantarКакъв си, все още не знам polonais → bulgare
1 remerciement
polonais → bulgare
1 remerciement
Lenka NováАдрес: Небето tchèque → bulgaretchèque → bulgare
Lenka NováНа по-младото ми аз tchèque → bulgaretchèque → bulgare
Hana ZagorováДьобюро tchèque → bulgaretchèque → bulgare
Anna JantarНе можех да имам две сърца polonais → bulgarepolonais → bulgare
Anna JantarКой е измислил нашата любов polonais → bulgarepolonais → bulgare
Anna JantarОбикнах този пейзаж polonais → bulgare
1 remerciement
polonais → bulgare
1 remerciement
Helena VondráčkováНедей да учиш слънцето да грее tchèque → bulgaretchèque → bulgare
Udo JürgensЩастието има криле allemand → bulgareallemand → bulgare
Marie RottrováИскам те tchèque → bulgaretchèque → bulgare
Karel GottМълчанието на двама ни tchèque → bulgaretchèque → bulgare
Hana ZagorováТръгвам с вас tchèque → bulgaretchèque → bulgare
Hana ZagorováВ Тропика на Рака tchèque → bulgaretchèque → bulgare
Hana ZagorováПоне ще се сгрея tchèque → bulgaretchèque → bulgare
Danuta BłażejczykСърцето не е самотен остров polonais → bulgarepolonais → bulgare
Hana ZagorováЗа Любовта tchèque → bulgaretchèque → bulgare
Danuta Błażejczyk„Конкорд“ polonais → bulgarepolonais → bulgare
Krystyna ProńkoДъжд в Чисна polonais → bulgarepolonais → bulgare
Krystyna ProńkoВремето върши своето polonais → bulgarepolonais → bulgare
Urszula SipińskaПод моя покрив живееше птица polonais → bulgarepolonais → bulgare
Neoton FamíliaХалеевата комета hongrois → bulgarehongrois → bulgare
Neoton FamíliaХубаво е, че съм момиче hongrois → bulgarehongrois → bulgare
Neoton FamíliaВикам те hongrois → bulgarehongrois → bulgare
Neoton FamíliaСамо музиката hongrois → bulgarehongrois → bulgare
Urszula SipińskaЗабавна мисъл polonais → bulgarepolonais → bulgare
Kati KovácsНавързаност hongrois → bulgarehongrois → bulgare
Kati KovácsВажното hongrois → bulgarehongrois → bulgare
Rositsa Kirilova & Georgi HristovQualcosa di incredibile bulgare → italienbulgare → italien
AnnalisaСлед две минути е пролет italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Hana ZagorováЗлатна рибке, пожелавам си tchèque → bulgaretchèque → bulgare
AnnalisaСветът преди теб italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
AnnalisaВсемирният потоп italien → bulgareitalien → bulgare
Petya BuyuklievaBonvenon bulgare → espérantobulgare → espéranto
Petya BuyuklievaBenvenuto bulgare → italienbulgare → italien
Petya BuyuklievaKobieta wszech czasów bulgare → polonaisbulgare → polonais
Petya BuyuklievaVirino de ĉiuj tempoj bulgare → espérantobulgare → espéranto
Petya BuyuklievaDonna di tutti i tempi bulgare → italienbulgare → italien
Petya BuyuklievaHobby bulgare → anglaisbulgare → anglais
Petya BuyuklievaŜatokupo bulgare → espérantobulgare → espéranto
Petya BuyuklievaHobby bulgare → polonaisbulgare → polonais
Petya BuyuklievaHobby bulgare → italienbulgare → italien
Margarita HranovaBlue Roads bulgare → anglaisbulgare → anglais
Camellia TodorovaWhispered Dreams S,Pbulgare → anglaisbulgare → anglais