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“🌿🚬🌿🚬You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this and you will find great strength.🌿🚬🌿🚬”

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Poetry , writing it 1 Tv series , movies (all kindz beside action ones ), travelling , translating(obvious2 discovering new things and open conversations. Curently studying and tryin' to learn some basic latin alongside a friend who's lincenced in many languages .. Interested in new cultures, myths, old norse Jamaican patois etc..

Afar' a bard 'tis Found to rest
Apace the brume 'pon the horison sets
The dell shall he bestow 'alas
Ere the ernes over the ocean art hovering

Neath the firmament
Nigh the one realm of Eden
Above all that an eye can see
A beaming of truth
The reverie of poesy
A Tenebrosity may it be,
a strand for the loveless ones
or maybe a crescent ray of hope that's to fill the day 3

The simple things yet...

  • 1. As for writing, here https://lyricstranslate.com/el/radu-robert-lyrics.html can be found some of my own poetry i decided to share
  • 2. As for translatin here's my vision and how i translate Personally i considermyself an more adept of the interpreter/ deep readin and understandin transcribin the actual context meaning,
    This is not the place for literal translations and word by word mechanic translations .. so if you into that just skip it
  • 3. "This hand, enemy to tyrants seeks by the sword quiet peace under LIBERTY"
    1) Make peace with your past so it doesn't ruin your present.
    2) What others think of you, is none of your business.
    3) Time heals almost everything, so give time some time.
    4) No one should be the reason of your happiness or unhappiness but you.
    5) Don't compare yourself to others.
    6) Stop thinking too much, your not meant to have all the answers.
    7) Smile, even when you don't feel like smiling. You might brighten someones day and in turn brighten yours day
À propos de moi

La cel drum eu de răscruce văzut-am cum trecut-au anii
chiar și cea câmpie verde 'odat, invrăjmuită-i ea-n nămete pururi
(Nici) chiar cele timpuri în fir se și delasă,
însă totuși iată-mă-n așa fel și chip de boemii

Totuși întrebat-ai eu ...cel farmec zăbovind negrabnic vieții
Vreme ce-n timp aveam oare de-a schimba și-ai vremii sorți ei trecători
Gândeam la uneltire celor sori și-as fi fost eu-mbrătisat de ei
Și pictat-vau ei mie chipu-n fel și fel , eu visător ...

În cel ceas prezent ma trec eu chiar stingher , lăntuit de ani de luptă
Iată-mă și făr de trufă,
și tăcut mocnind, implorat-avam eu zeii să-mi mai curme sărăcirea
Răsfirând în șir pe șir gândurle-n grai vechit

Iată totuși fies-doar de-al florilor parfum eu-nvăluit
Ele oxigen de viață mie , eu din nou chiar respirând
în cea tihnă , fie si chiar cunoscând deșarte drumuri
Mulțumind oranduirii și universului divin


  • 1. Few things i must mention . First would be that the one visiting my translations/adaptations of songs to always make sure to scroll all the way down till the end of the translation and reach to the "Submitter Comments" section cause i usually add there and embed the one missing video of the source lyrics that i translate, even on poems that i adapt sometimes i use to embed a video if 'tis missing on the original or if i find one that seems to have a better intonation than the original. Aside of that there it can also be found sometimes some personal favs of mine aka new take ons on the original songs, maybe coregraphyc content on the same song etc.. And of course although sometimes i may add footnotes directly on the song to explain context , slang expressions etc.. still sometimes i can simply add them in the 'Submitters Comments' too cause of being lazy to write the tags
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