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I am not a translator, but a vocalist and singer. I can read, pronounce, and sing in French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, German, and of course English. Although I rely on other people's translations or Google to understand the original language, my area of specialty lies in taking a non-rhyming English translation of a song that doesn't preserve the syllable structure or rhythm, and re-interpreting the original lyrics so that they rhyme, flow, and sound good when sung.

I love all kinds of music and enjoy singing anything from jazz standards to metal to Broadway to pop to RnB and soul. Learning to sing Johannes Brahm's Shicksalslied and Nänie in high school choir originally sparked my interest in lyrical translation and learning to sing in other languages. If you would like me to sprinkle my magic upon one of your favorite songs, I love flexing my artistic muscle (and the ones in my larynx, too :-) ) so feel free to make a request. If you're a singer too, maybe we should duet. Send me your demo, dawg. I'm sure it's fire.

français, allemand, italien, latin, espagnol

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Édith PiafLa Vie en Rose [Rhyming Translation for Singers]video français → anglais4
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français → anglais
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