Traurig bin ich sowieso (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

I'm sad anyway

When we hit our children
in the face and on the butt
because we cannot stand ourselves
I'm sad anyway
When freedom of speech dies out
Noone against, noone in favour
When one only advertises for hypocrysy
I'm sad anyway
When I see myself spied on
Everywhere and nowhere
No matter where I go
I'm sad anyway
When a friend bolts to the West
Someone smiles mischievously
And noone trusts each other
I'm sad anyway
When one offers the highest prices
For threshed empty straw
And one rents out one's brain
I'm sad anyway
When the ideals are fucked up
And hope is nowhere to find
And boredom eats at us
I'm sad anyway
And i think about the poet
Who fled into optimism
Only for friendly faces
I'm sad anyway
When the houses beat us up
With the barbwire level
Tears only at drinking binges
I'm sad anyway
When I think of the prison
Ours and elsewhere
All the dismounted benches
I'm sad anyway
When I continue singing regardless
I carry the risk, too
And the head already in the noose
I'm sad anyway
Man, as long as we continue laughing
And we don't feel alone
And we can sitll do something
It's okay if I'm sad.
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Traurig bin ich sowieso

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