Cristian Castro - Tu vida con la mía (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Your life with mine (life)

A day that I was sad, I remembered your smile
And I felt a deep pain that drowned me.
And my look got fixed to the emptiness
And remembering a great love asleep.
And time passed by and I didn't know anything about you
Your life with mine never got crossed.
But this night that I see you like a real woman
I would like to erase the time and step back.
And melt your life with mine
And to recover the years that I was not with you.
I want to give you a thousand caresses and a thousand of kisses I kept
That you were always the owner of
And that I never gave you before.
And to melt your life with mine
And get lost in the valleys of your skin
To create a silent universe between we both
Where always live our love.
In your look I see a sad past
Where was I to make you happy?
If I could have been by your side
I would give you that thing that always was for you.
Gimme your soul, give me your beauty
Today the destiny finally found us
And forget that this meeting was coincidence
I always dreamed it and today it comes true
I'll give you my craziness and my peace
And in a kiss [I'll give you]a thousand secrets
And so you will never forget.
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Tu vida con la mía

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