Van Morrison - Gloria

  • Artiste: Van Morrison
  • Demandes: allemand, arabe


Like to tell ya about my baby
You know she comes around
She about five feet four
A from her head to the ground
You know she comes around here
At just about midnight
She make ya feel so good, Lord
She make you feel alright
And her name is G L O are I I I
G L O are I A (Gloria)
G L O are I A (Gloria)
I'm gonna shout it all night (Gloria)
I'm gonna shout it everyday (Gloria)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
She comes around here
Just about midnight
Ha, she make me feel so good, Lord
I want to say she make me feel alright
Comes a walkin' down my street
When she comes to my house
She knocks upon my door
And then…
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