Verbal Diarrhea

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  • Expression idiomatique: Verbal Diarrhea
  • Langue: anglais
  • Traductions idiomatiques / Équivalents: anglais, grec, russe
  • Sens expliqué : anglais
  • Paroles contenant l’expression: 4 lyrics

Traductions idiomatiques de « Verbal Diarrhea »

wax poetic
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Explications :
Словесный понос
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Sens de « Verbal Diarrhea »


Talking too much, usually off-topic; using a lot of irrelevant words that don't make any sense.

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« Verbal Diarrhea » dans des paroles

Anvil - Bullshit

Bullshit is all that I'm fed
Bullshit, by the nose I'm led
Bullshit, verbal diarrhea to me
Bullshit, it flows like the sea

Bersuit Vergarabat - I'm from there

and through my mouth I just hope for a huge verbal diarrhea
evacuating the being,
verbal diarrhea dumping...

Panda (Germany) - Terror at the Door

Hey, who's ringing there yet again
hey, I don't have any desire for fucking verbal diarrhea
Hey, who's ringing there yet again

Example - You Can't Rap

Never out-riddle this, all chattin' gibberish
Verbal diarrhea so you're never getting rid of this
I hear your retorts, there's all sorts like liquorice