walls have ears

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Traductions idiomatiques de « walls have ears »

Hay ropa tendida
Explications :
anche i muri hanno orecchi
Explications :
zidovi imaju uši
Explications :

Meanings of "walls have ears"


be careful what you say as people may be eavesdropping

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« walls have ears » dans des paroles

Mika - Boom boom boom

We have time to make boom boom boom

It's true, walls have ears,
All the neighbours are woken

Youssoupha - Dreamin

I write deep lyrics just with flat rhymes, I did not exchange my dreams for a thousand grand check, when I'm in concert and the audience gives back it is thanks to the philo of my brother, big up to my big black.
I was forced to leave the hood under the sound of bullets, in the street walls have ears and bricks speak.
Referenced rap, you know I do not biz, hoping that this goddamn show biz won't break me. One way or another, I dreamed of touching the sky, I could not be an astronaut so I went up on the scene, I got one foot on the ground, the other in the void, one foot on the superficial the other on the din. I have the heart of my people, a heart at the madhouse, a heart on my sleave, a heart in the middle of the crowd, in lieu of chorus, for the audience around me there is this voice coming back to tell you of all my love, to tell you of all my love...

Black M - By Dint Of Being

I speak knowingly, don't ask how I am
By dint of being in the haram, I'll go crazy, oh my god
I thought the sound was protecting me but the walls have ears with ficking headphones

Fettes Brot - Echo

As soon as I was born
I started screaming out
Do the walls have ears here
Or are they walls of silence?

Keny Arkana - The Walls of My City

The walls of the City often the support so as to not collapse
Mute teachers, hard but right, and scream your stories from the rooftops
The walls have ears and hit us on the knuckles
Despite the joy expressed by their rainbow colors

Cairokee - Last Song

There's a war against freedom and freedom is never allowed
All retrogade minds are the only ones to be heard
We've been raised to be careful for walls have ears
Ok, turn the music down so that they can hear clearly

Sielun Veljet - Walls have ears

The sound can't be stopped either.

You're being listened to since even walls have ears
Every short step taken, every silent word spoken

Luan Santana - Waking Up the Building

Can you scream quietly?

I know it's good, but the walls have ears
And it was supposed to be a secret, since it no longer is

Dashboard Confessional - I Know About You

When the follies of your weekend hang like smoke onto your clothes.
And the shame of it grows when you whisper it nice and low (whisper it nice and low)
But all the walls have ears my darling, and all bad things get known.
And I know about you. I know about you (I know about you).

Silja - Socrathrashing

And you've hung yourself with your own rope

Watch what you say, 'cause the walls have ears
You think you're whispering, but I've opened doors

Holden - What I am

Oh how I'm sorry
I'm not what I am
The walls have ears
The walls talk too much

Sancak - I'm a liar, too

my attitudes are blind
walls have ears hush!
they say for fun