Beogradski Sindikat - Welcome to Srbija (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Welcome to Serbia

Welcome to Serbia, where police kills
Where justice is nowhere to be found and only God is a Judge
Everything has a price, but there is nothing honesty
Instead of playing, kids are needling their veins
Where thieves, dealers and singers are role models
The girls haven't grown up, yet they are sluts already
While the milk tooth are still swinging, they're recording themselves on a cellphone
As they're blowing their schoolmates in a toilet
Ask yourselves then why we don't have children
And I'm asking God if he remembers our address
Waiting all my life, listening to the same song
33 years, when I look back, where are they?
Some say: Wait a little more until it begins
Changes are a process that requires time
Go home, write rhymes, you don't understand these subjects
Let us be led by those smarter than you
And I tell them: Traitors, back up off me
Listen well to this communique
We have formed fractions, the teams are ready
Like Baader-Meinhoff, I'll fuck you all up
Ready like Hamas, I cock back my AK
Like November I stalk you until you become my hostage
Like Apis, the Black Hand, I'm an expert in overthrows
Like Beogradski Sindikat, I stick to the course
This is a matter of life or death
And you were first to shed these rivers of blood
Cornered, I have no other choice
I'm aware that I'm losing, but you will suffer casualties too
This is a matter of life or death
I curse you by God because you're making me hate
The answer is terror, to make you hear me
I'm aware that I'm losing, but you will suffer casualties too
You took everything from us, honor and dignity
So what don't you understand when tomorrow someone with a mask
Someone desperate armed to the teeth in the public transport
To make it loud and clear - blows everything up
You walk over us, you walk over the dead too
You don't look back, as long as the money keeps rolling in
While respectable citizens are cutting kilos of drugs
Workers are cutting off their own fingers in the courtroom
It used to mean something when you've got education
Now thousands of those are waiting at the unemployment bureau
Looking at a cup of coffee for a job
While you're looking at offers to bet the best one
Selling the country, pulling tricks with the money
Letting the cattle to slaughter each other
You don't get your hands dirty, that's not for gentlemen
You 're killing Serbia without leaving fingerprints on the gun
While you turn your heads away from hardships and poverty
Holding the media who can take care of everything
People are on hunger strike 'cause they've got nothing to eat
They'll rather die loudly than fade away silently
From a subway in Tokyo to a train in Mumbai
By any means necessary, let them know of our struggle
Life is cheap when you're not given a choice
That's why we won't go down easily, to make the message last
Once again the gang has messed up, you and your reign of terror
Once again the Sindikat's logo is on sky above the city
A chair against the door, door handle jammed
Tape over the mouth, let me ask you something now
Is this a prospering of a specie? A new division of justice?
Some are losing, others are taking, the strong are eating the weak
I watch these our mongrels playing the cards of terrorism, virus, crisis,
Trying to cover up the mess
They laugh in our faces, lie to us like we're idiots
A solution or a mistake, I don't have a dilemma anymore
This morning I kissed my wife, took the children to school
Them living in a better system, I'll die for the idea
Cornered ever since I was young, I can't go further than the wall
In a life like a trench, I took the struggle to the streets
In the assembly's hall I hold a grenade launcher and a bomb
Pay your last respects to a discreet hero
Sweat is dropping on the paper, I'm writing my last will
Stay healthy for me, true to our cause
And when I die for the truth, fulfill my will
Kiss some better Serbia for me
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Welcome to Srbija

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