We're even

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نحن متعادلان

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we're equals

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We are even. It means that currently the people involved are equal. It refers to 'one-upsmanship' in completion or revenge. It indicates that someone is tired of the ongoing battle and wants stop the actions, indebtedness, or words being engaged in.

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On est quitte

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είμαστε πάτσοι.

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Мы равны, мы квиты

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estamos en paz

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« We're even » dans des paroles

Severina - I Drank

Now my rules are not a strict as they used to be
I drank, I drank, and you should take what's hers
Now we're even, you and me, relax

SMTOWN - Sweet Dream

Not to forget
To remember
Not to forget even after a long time
To remember

Wael Kfoury - Now We're Even

Now, we're even.
There's no loss or win.
Because me and you,
we're now a wound for a wound.

Scriptonite - Where's Your Love?

It's not worse or better, it's just the way it is.
Just like old times, and yesterday's hugs.
Every time I say, "We're even!"
Are we on the same page? I give in to her.

Clara Mae - Better Me Better You

Like you don't care that much
Making up once again, and we're on
And we're even

Youssoupha - We Know

I assume all my steps, because only God guide us
And when we speak, history is written
Do not thank me: we're even worry
The street kept me alive, but the street I was disgusted

REOL - Bon-No-Yu-Gi

"Easy go" comes the punchline at full speed

So distasteful it's endearing - But it cancels out and we're even
I can't do such a thing as live for someone else

Julio Iglesias - We're Even

It has entered deep inside your poor heart.

I don't owe you gratitude, we are even now
I don't care what you've done, what you do nor what you will do

Die Ärzte - A Song for You

Cause Rod said he loves you all
A song just for you all
You're all the reason that we're even here
Because of you we're loved by the tax officials and searched out by banks

Die Ärzte - A Song For You

Cause Rod** told me that he loves you all.
A song just for you all,
You are the reason that we're even here.
Because of you we are admired

Nekfeu - Eskimo

Traitors, Siberian tigers, cat-like
Exposed, that's why we want shadow
Salam, we're even, don't forget my team
Is still grateful to those offering a helping hand

Anna Puu - We're a Poem

They don't get it
We have a plotline that makes no sense
We love even if it hurts sometimes
It doesn't matter what the others say about us

ZHU - Reaching

Somehow we found a way to speak it
I got some time
And I can't believe we're even breathing
You're right, you're gonna tell take you back

NF - 10 Feet Down

It's crazy what we'll do to climb it faster
It's like we throw away the things in life that really matter
Just so that we can make it to the top, and wonder what we're even climbing after
I know the feeling of feeling like everything you deal with will never change

Willy Chirino - The Devil Came to Havana

That miserable bastard,
That day, Satan,
That day, <cite>we’re even</cite>".

Ingrid St-Pierre - Pasta with Basil

Good, then if it's like that,
If you don't believe me, I'll leave you ...
Go on, don't cry, I forgive you, and we're even

Biagio Antonacci - You need me

Ask me without running away,
believe me without any fears,
follow me even if you don’t have to,
talk to me without shouting,

Super Junior - Runaway

You and me, Ru-ru-ru-ru-runaway
We’re even freer in this world
I’m running, I feel high up tension

Die Ärzte - We're the Best!

But there's still us-or Philip Boa[fn]German musician:[/fn]
We're even older and even better than ever before
We're like good whiskey, aged for many years

Ezhel - Three Days

But if you want, take 100 kg from booty
Eventually, notice it man, that lifetime is three days
We're even destroying the nature that we live
to profit again.