IRA - Wiara (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais


Tell me what are you feeling when you see blood?
Do you close your eyes to the evil you don't want to see?
The world with no punishment, the world with no faults is a dream
Just like a bird, just like the skies, it is a dream.
I don't know what love is
But I do know what's fear
Someone promised us equality
'Where is he?', I'm asking
Where is the aim? Where is the meaning? Where is the shore?
Just like the wind, just like the storm, where is the end?
You're speaking about love but you're hurting me instead
I dream about freedom and I do want to live
Give me your hand, give me your hand
Despite faults, despite the evil, a loud scream
Our children are crying
Happiness is expensive
Who will help them?
Only you, the gift of your heart, a small gesture
The rhythm of life, the sign of soul...choose yourself
I want to believe in love again
I want to have the power to stop the tears
I want to have the right to fight
I want to touch the stars again
I want to stop the time...
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I'm not an English speaker but I remember this song from my teenage times and it always warms my heart Regular smile / Angielski nie jest moim językiem ojczystym, ale pamiętam tę piosenkę z czasów nastoletnich i mam do niej słabość.

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