Yalla (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglaisanglais

Come on.

We don't hold the foam
inside the palm of our hand.
We know that life ticks away
and that there's nothing left
on a burning candle.
You can even decide yourself the path you'll follow.
Do you think that everything boils
into the salt of our fingers,
which is something lighter than a feather ?
You can guide your steps
without either sadness or grief
and proceed. Move on because everything in life goes on.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
She takes me with her,
I'll take you with me.
Come on.
You'll discover the sun
inside the heart of the children
which is like no other kind of happiness.
Not any ferocious emotion,
a word of love into the ear.
A few words inside anyone to awaken an awaiting volcano...
You'll discover the sun
inside the heart of the children.
Merci !
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Οι μεταφράσεις μου μέχρι ένα εφικτό σημείο είναι δικές μου. Δέχομαι βελτιώσεις μόνο αν θεωρώ ότι κάποια μετάφρασή μου έχει παράδοθεί ελλιπής ή εντελώς εσφαλμένη.
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