Yamore (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais


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I love you my love
One has hope, if one has hope
Also living without fear and confidence
There wasn’t anything else inexperienced
To look at our childhood until going back shining of innocence
In the mind ?
Wordly, maybe your ?
In the gentleness and soothing
Our love ? tired
From fight and resistance
To survive the storm
In the gentleness and soothing
Our love ? tired
From fight and resistance
To survive the storm
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Sciera    Mer, 12/09/2012 - 15:18

I don't understand the original but I have the impression that this translation is not complete.

Also, which language is the original written in? I recognize some French looking words but it seems to be another language, some parts also look a bit like Spanish, I guess it's a Roman language. But which one?

dowlenon1    Mer, 12/09/2012 - 15:41

It seems like it is a mix of languages, I can identify spanish into it... others I don't know.

ArenaL5    Mar, 09/07/2013 - 23:21

In AT:
"It's a combination of a little French with a little Italian, Brazilian and i think some kind of African dialect. " o_o

Looking further down, it looks like... it's Cape Verdean instead of Brazilian, but all the other languages are there, too.

We can only set one language, shall we set to Cape Verdean? (or wait for someone to confirm it)

Mande-Princess    Ven, 12/06/2015 - 05:21

The translation is not an atom close to the words. Language spoek; French, Malinke, Spanish, english. working on a tranlation.

maluca    Lun, 15/05/2017 - 21:32

This is a translation only of the part sung by Cesaria Evora in Cape Verdean Portuguese. But it does not seem to be 100% correct, also the transcription seems to contain some errors.

ulissescoroa    Jeu, 18/05/2017 - 22:24

It is likely to be in Bambara since Salif Keita is from Mali. Cesaria's verse is in Cape Verdean Creole and now the lyrics are fixed. It says something like:

I have faith, yes I have faith
That one day we will live without fear and with confidence
We used to be a smiley people
The look of our children will shine of innocence again
And in the middle of their playing and shouting
Maybe the storm will calm down and turn into mildness and lull
Our love will finally take some time from its struggle and resistence
So it can survive the bad weather in mildness and lull
Our love will finally take some time from its struggle and resistence
So it can survive the bad weather in mildness and lull

Mande-Princess    Mar, 22/08/2017 - 02:10

The below translation is for the Mande side by Salif Keita:

Je t’aime (French) I love you
mi amore (Italian) Mi Love
Nmeni behfi ye, nne lay yaribini ela (Mande) I am telling you, I have fallen for you
Too much (English)
//Chorus translate as: I love you, my love. I am telling you I have fallen for you too much

==>> //Mande is spoken differently from English. These lines are the way it sound or come accross in Mande//==

Salif Keita ( Mande Translation Verse 1)

Nama fiye = if I don’t tell you
//I have something to tell you

Nama fiye… nte dounia lanba nyama fiye = If I don’t tell you… I won’t complete life If I don’t tell you
//I have something to tell… I won’t be able to move on in life, if I don’t tell you

Nne yere nna ni fo = I came myself to tell you
//I will be the one to tell

Dianamo nko fiye = sweathear let me tell you
//To tell you my lovely, sweehearted feelings for you

Nne dohn silla donkiri lala e la kola = I stayed up all night singing for you
//I was up all-night singing melodies about you

*Aahaha… expression (*ahaha express with charm)

E lay nna *muluku mousso = you my beautiful woman (*Muluku: is a shining smooth skin salamander found in West Africa. So Mande people often compare people beauties to some animals.)
//For you my beautiful woman

Ndianamoko fiye.. = I am telling you, I love you
//To tell you my lovely, sweehearted feelings for you

Soro falay moussou nyuma la wosi ko teh = there’s a certain thing about beautiful women, but that’s not the reason
//this is not for sexual, or feminine beauties that attract men

No no no = expression saying: no, no, no in relation to the line above
Nnay kona nna e laylay feh = I was hungry, but you are what I want
//Even if I was starving, you are all I will need

Cesaria Evora (second verse. Sorry can’t speak her language)

Salif Keita (Mande Translation)
Cherie, temp va pas(French) = Darling, time not going
//Darling, time has ceased to move for me

Na luku yay mobile ko lay yeh, wo for nyen = if it up to me getting a car, tell me
//If it’s a car that you need

Ahahaha = expression
E lay muluku mousso = you my beautiful woman
//For you my beautiful woman

Nnye deborouillez kor do yini = I will hustle and found some for you (in reference to the car)
//I will do all in my power to give it to you. To make you happy

Sa kanu, e kana wan kan to = So love, you can’t go and leave me
//I love and don’t want to loose you

Hayyy nna la muluku mousso yo = *Hayyy, my beautiful woman (*hayyy expression with anxiousness)
//For you my beautiful woman

*Sa kendeh* mousso = beautiful woman (sa kendeh = a pure (clean, white, no sexual contact) lamb/sheep that is use for sacrifice
//For you my beautiful woman


Sciera    Mar, 22/08/2017 - 13:05

Why don't you add this as a translation instead of its own instead of in the comment section of another translation?
Simply click on "add new translation" beneath the lyrics.

Also, is that a translation of the song above? The lyrics in your comment look quite similar in parts but are spelled very differently.