Avven - Zmaji (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais


Seventh wonder over the blue,
captures every eye and doesn't let it go.
Who fears the black chest,
if what's crawling far and wide remains unknown?
By the pool Ilis meets
a dark shadow of all the demons of this evil.
There's no milk and honey for him here -
thinks the one, that doesn't know the tale.
Dragons are flying, the sky is full of them,
above the clouds the sun is slowly going down.
All our fears are worth nothing at all,
there are no ghost above us, you will see at once.
Together they all race towards us,
as we speak, believe me, time is running short.
Hide before they can catch you,
but if you believe in them - go on and stay here with me.
Dragons are flying ...
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