À l'aube (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवादअंग्रेज़ी

At dawn

One day we were brothers then things changed, it’s true! He left. Eighteen months on the other side of the world, his mind and body were put to the test on banana plantations in Oceania where people get up at the break of day; the rest of his time was spent on beaches around Asia, where people taste the joy of each moment and revel in the vast open spaces where waters consume the night sky. Where people get up at dawn.
And if we shed tears together that day in September when we parted it’s because we knew that even an infinite tenderness, memories and cell phones are no match against great distance — that everything was going to change. He left. He gets up at dawn.
Had to leave in a hurry. At first there’s an age of freedom, before embracing the regularity of a normal domestic life that we all await like an absurd yet necessary prison sentence. Then comes the false hope of escape, though we think we leave this behind at the boarding gates of those long haul flights. In the end, the frightening prospect of chasing fortunes is all that’s left; what fools we become by settling for a comfortable life. He left. He gets up at dawn.
During the long sleepless nights that we spent killing time and filling ashtrays, we dreamed big and just waited for things to happen, as if by magic. In the days that followed those drunken evenings, I particularly remember the bitter scent of cold tobacco; the state of listlessness we drifted into from the weed that we smoked, powerlessness and pride. “We’ve got to make a choice, this is no kind of life.”1 That’s what we said to ourselves.
He left. He gets up at dawn.
Before he left, he was already less chatty then when I first knew him eight years earlier. Indeed, demons of the past can haunt us at any age.2 I think his demons spoke of descendants and family trees. The ones we cut the branches of because they cast a shadow and whose leaves fall off and die in autumn. In the end, I understood his silences and I shared them. I told myself that I was certainly not as high-spirited and exuberant as I had been in the prime of my teenage years. When we discovered, like everyone does, the trouble that can be caused from a few charm tactics and the warmth of a long awaited clumsy kiss. What began with the touch of a finger we became all too fascinated by - the fleshy and bitter mysteries of a woman’s snatch. And especially — especially! — that bold naïve sense of freedom, as air fills our lungs when we hit the open road for the first time. He left.
He gets up at dawn.
  • 1. literally ‘life is elsewhere’
  • 2. literally ‘there isn't an age to have old demons'
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I did my best to convey the meaning, tone and general ‘feel’ of this song in my translation. I don’t think a more ‘literal’ translation would really get the meaning across. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

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À l'aube

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Thank you very much for this.
I think for some reason I was looking for confirmation that the song was about homosexual love but your non literal translation has cleared it up for me. Thank you very much again