Madineh Haditheh (مدينة حديثة) (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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Modern city

In the name of the next generation, i want to write a statement
going into public libraries to clear somethings
specifically a new rack behind the history sector
about the ships desires and the winds direction
Because honestly with your subtraction let me be sincere
You are attributing the invader to Jesus Christ ..
No! this is not the natural ground this is
not by the name of racism, religion falls apart
Take me as a rapper take me as Iben Alkhatab's way
The variety of religions never caused disorder
Where are the scientists?
Mohammad's uncle was an atheist, so lets forget about the genealogy
lets forget about the families and forget about names
clear the mind, and let us understand the reasons
that led to the Abbasi and the Omawi be misunderstood
and between the Fatemi and the Othmani opens a door on us
an international secularism and a little bit of benefits
But what i see is that the Arabic polytheism is what's ruling
this time across my goals i want to stare at history
and score in the next episode just like captain Majid
come in with me so the distance will vanish
combine social classes, and see the help that will be given
when the new rack is full in the public library
In gods will, just like the teacher Ghanem, to Haifa he's returning
Take me back to my language, let me be cool
let me be cool, not lost
Water it every morning, at night ...discussions
my people know best, but in a wide Saloon
oh how fast is the extinction of sane people
we are paying the taxes for shitty products
Go ask what America has done in the 40's
supporting believers and radical Salafist
This country has a many mountains... in which cave are you hiding it... my beloved Modern City ..Hyena where have you taken it.
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Madineh Haditheh (مدينة حديثة)

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