Ningyo Hime (人魚姫) (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)


Ningyo Hime (人魚姫)

伸ばした手の先に 揺れるあなたの影
ふと気づくと 波にさらわれ 光の中へ溶けてゆく
閉じた瞳の奥 映るうしろすがた
追いかけても 届かないなら 出会わなければよかったね
気づいてしまったの あなたへのこの気持ち
ふたりの間に 大きな壁があったのに
神様お願い この声を捧げますから あの人のそばに行きたい
どんなに辛い 日々が続くとしても あの人のそばで笑っていさせて
あなたの隣には 言葉のない私
何も言えず 伝えられずに すれ違い過ぎていく日々
そばにいるからこそ 分かることがあるの
視線の先 肌で感じる 動き始めたその気持ち
愛してしまったの あの日出会った人を
声をあげたくて 大きな涙こぼれてく
大切なのは あなたが幸せでいること 私がそばにいなくても
たとえばそれで 泡になったとしても 忘れずにいてね ここにいたこと
なくしてしまったの 生きてゆくその意味を
白んでゆく空 消える時間が迫ってる
せめて嫌いになれたらよかったのにね こんなにも忘れられない
届かぬ想い 一人抱き締めながら 暗い海の中 そっと消えてく
何も言わないで消えて ごめんね
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The Little Mermaid

In front of my outstretched hands, your swaying shadow
Was suddenly swept away by the waves, melting into the light
In the back of my eyes, your rear is reflected
If I chase after and never reach you, I wish we'd have never met
I have come to realize these feelings for you
Despite there being a big wall between us
I beg of you God, I will sacrifice this voice because I want to be at that person's side
No matter how long these painful days may continue, please let me keep smiling by his side
Next to you is me who cannot speak a word
Days go by passing without saying anything nor conveying anything
There are times when just being at your side could be understood
Ahead of your gaze, felt through the skin those feelings began to move
To the person you met and fell in love with that day
I wanted to raise my voice, but large tears flowed
The most important thing is you being happy, even if without me being there by your side
If then, even if I turn into foam do not forget me, that I was there
I have lost the meaning to live on
The sky is dawning and it will soon be the time I must vanish
I wish I could at least hate you
It is so hard to forget you
I embrace an unreachable love all alone as I gently vanish within the dark sea
I am sorry, I disappeared without saying a word
I hope you like my interpretations of the songs.

I don’t care if you post these elsewhere. Just don’t go around saying you yourself translated it.
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लेखक के कमेन्ट:

Thank you snorio again, for clearing some things up!

"Ningyo Hime (人魚姫)" के अन्य अनुवाद
अंग्रेज़ी Yuraa
snoriosnorio    सोम, 07/11/2016 - 12:36

Excellent translation. Just a couple of misunderstandings.

どんなに辛い 日々が続くとしても あの人のそばで笑っていさせて
No matter how long these painful days may continue, please let me keep smiling by his side.

なくしてしまったの 生きてゆくその意味を
白んでゆく空 消える時間が迫ってる
I've lost the meaning to go on living for.
The sky is dawning and soon it will be the time that I must vanish.
It's a suggestion because I cannot understand what your translation means.

せめて嫌いになれたらよかったのにね こんなにも忘れられない
I wish I could at least hate you. It's so hard for me to forget you.

YuraaYuraa    सोम, 07/11/2016 - 19:40

Thank you again for your help! I'll fix accordingly.