Absence of mind

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Meanings of "Absence of mind"


Odsustvo koncentracije, rastresenost, rasejanost, odsutnost

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Explained by sajlovicnatasasajlovicnatasa

लिरिक्स में "Absence of mind"

Jolin Tsai - The Great Artist

That kind of beauty can lead to Venus' birth.

You don't have to tolerant his absence of mind.
You have to learn letting go and give up maternity.

Annisokay - Naked City

Behind the tears inside the lies
Reckless hearts and absence of mind
We are all equal we are all blind

Tankard - Desperation

I've had three weeks to write this song - I put it off - Too tired!
Tomorrow It's due now I must compose - I'm really wired - Too bad!
Absence of mind - mu brain's still void of inspired thoughts
Falling behind - the hours pass on my digital clock