Act of God

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Meanings of "Act of God"


قضاء و قدر

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something that occurred such as an accident, for which no human Is responsible
A natural disaster such as storm, earthquake....

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Θεϊκή πράξη

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стихийное бедствие; форс-мажор

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लिरिक्स में "Act of God"

Nadau - Those for Whom There Is Need

They don’t play the lottery,
They’re not waiting for an act of God,[fn]Literally, “something very big from heaven.”[/fn]
Only perhaps, to struggle during the day,

Andy Lau - The Days We Went Through Together

How many storm I'm willing to adventure,Because each other that undead eyes (together).
Have you, have I,and love, sky and sea, and land
Don't guess There is always an act of god,after Cherish our days.
Parting words Not speak more,Just put the sad man

Five for Fighting - Chances

Don't get me wrong I'd never say never
'Cause though love can change the weather
No act of God can pull me away from you

Deuce - Do You Think About Me

I was lost, falling apart
You gave me a spot somewhere in your heart
An act of God, a shooting star
You came from afar with open arms

Lyube - Ah Dawn

Ah the dawn, the dawn, the dawn
Was an act of God
Gilded forests and arable land

Dan Mangan - Fool For Waiting

And yes I hum and haw about nothing at all
I get lost in fear
But no thief or act of god could take this grin I've got
I know you will be here

Deer Tick - Blood Moon

Then the flesh will rot
And the blood moon we see is an act
It's an act of god

Fear Factory - Act Of God

This act of god
This act of god

Skyclad - If I Die Laughing, It'll Be an Act of God

we're stooges for Jehova,
he loves to knock us over -
so if I die laughing it'll be an act of God!

Skyclad - Falls ich lachend sterbe, ist es höhere Gewalt

Wir sind Handlanger Jehovas<fn>wörtl. "für Jehova", möglicherweise, angesichts der nächsten Zeile, gemeint im Sinne von "wir sind nichts als Bauern beim Schach fü ihn"</fn>,
er liebt es, uns umzuschmeißen -
Falls ich also lachend sterbe, ist es höhere Gewalt!<fn>wörtl. "wird es höhere Gewalt sein". "act of god" ("Handlung Gottes") ist ein u.a. juristischer Begriff, der auf das Schicksal referiert, er kann auch "Wunder" bedeuten</fn>