akşamlar (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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It's good if you don't come anymore
I wrote my name to your triangle eyes,your death anymore
Then these people who is unfortune like me
Then this dark...
Don't come,don't scatter my loneliness!
The crows are flying over roses anymore
The time break the eyes of tired Meryem
Have regretted 100 times because of born of Jesus
That almost the snow will push down
The trains that have full of fear passing through my brain
Take my greeting from station's guard
The time will give sadness and spring
I'm very tired from your last absence
Suddenly in the middle of streets like deaths
Hey friend
Are you sad again?
Many hidden secrets in your eyes
Are you a wounded from hand of a friend?
Evenings, evenings, evenings
Do I have anyone but seperation
Evenings, evenings, friend evenings
Hey friend tell me, do I have anyone
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