Alex Fisher - The Sailor's Wife


The Sailor's Wife

And if the light in the lighthouse
Is no longer in your sight
Rest assured it’s just the ocean mist
Or the blackness of the night
I’ve dreamed a thousand nights
About you coming back
It’s seemed a thousand times
A black horizon stays black
I’ve made a tiny piece of us
And she’s holding on to me
And we’re both staring out at you
But you make us both grasp each other just a little too tight
Come on sea
Well I’ve been waiting
For a song from the whales
Or a bottle packed with tales
Come on sea
Don’t let those mountains of water
drag him to the bottom
So he can see his daughter
And every time a golden grain of light
Appears upon the lilts of your salty back
And steadily fades away into the night
I hear my heart tearing, I feel my courage crack
Darling I try to stay strong
Though time seems to stand very still
And so i'll take on today and sing a song
But I’m starting to feel ill
And I hold a tiny piece of us
And she hasn’t stopped crying all through the night
So I’ve been staring at the moon
And trying to grasp that you might not return and so I pray and fight
Come on sea
I can't stop shaking
Is it cold? Have your old sails
Been torn and crushed like snails?
Can’t you see?
I can’t stop breaking, you know
Last night I swam with whales
And I tried to stay below
And if the light in the lighthouse
Comes back into your sight
Rest assured that you have been missed
But she will be alright
Yeah, she will be alright
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