all ears

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"all ears" के प्रतीकात्मक अनुवाद

essere tutto orecchi
Είμαι όλος αυτιά
Ser todo ouvidos
j'ai les oreilles grandes ouvertes
tout ouïe
обратиться в слух
Pretvorio sam se u uši.
Ser todo oídos

Meanings of "all ears"


To be interested in what somebody else has to tell you.

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Explained by Stavroula

Because if your all ears, you have no nose or face. You are just all ears.

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Already existing here : - Floppylou १ महिना पहले

to be listening eagerly; to be keenly attentive.

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Already existing here : - Floppylou १ महिना पहले
That should be addressed to the person who added the idiom, not me. - St. Sol १ महिना पहले

someone will listen very carefully at something and nothing else will attract his attention.

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to be all ears - обратиться в слух; слушать с напряжённым вниманием.

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Explained by St. Sol

लिरिक्स में "all ears"

Kamran & Hooman - i dont know why

You risk to see me, you and your bags for a trip.
The distance does not matter for you, you go long and dangerous places.
As soon as I get sad, you cry, with a sign that you'll be all ears.
As soon as I fall to the ground for my mistake, you take my hand and become aware.

Dursun Ali Erzincanlı - Centennial Poem

The mountains serve lullabies to the shades of this desert summer...all clementine, all coy expressions of a desert rose.
His expressions, and His prose. And the audience, all his disciples, all entranced & all petrified, as if a rare bird has landed on their heads, all careful not to disturb. all ears listening to his words on family, wealth, & deeds.

Die Prinzen - Here We Are

That got us terrified, but then we sang this song in chorus
To an old well-known record company boss
And he understood it – he was all ears and said: we have here a giant hit
Sing it once again please, and he sang along without being asked to

Jean Ferrat - Woman Is the Future of Man

The poet is always right.
He destroys the ancient analysis,[fn]<a href="">ATILF</a&gt; gives two meanings for "oraison." It's either a prayerful religious meditation or a public oration, for example a eulogy spoken at a funeral. I suppose that ambiguity and duality is intentional in the French but I don't think I can capture that in a single word in English. And I don't want to run on with something that covers all the bases. So I picked the sense of public oration and adapted it some. If you've got a better idea, I'm all ears.[/fn]
The image of Eve and the apple.

Big Sean - Play No Games

Killed the pussy, had to hit that shit like nine times
Girl, even when I'm gone, just know I'm there for ya
I'm all ears, in other words here for ya
I'd probably rob a fucking bank and go to jail for ya

Eloy (Puerto Rico) - Hard

look at me let things clear once
I can please tell me how the
I'm for you tell me I'm all ears

Jorge Drexler - three thousand million of heartbeats

or will you be what you've created?
I'm here puzzled,
I'm all ears
if I'm lucky, all that I have left

Die Prinzen - Hier Sind Wir

of this song to an old familiar
record boss
& he got it, was all ears
& said we would land a huge hit with it

Die Ärzte - I want you!

She says, I'm intelligent
And that is, fortunately, not a guess.
I nod a lot and am all ears
And I imagine her already in a nightgown

AC/DC - Rock 'n' Roll Singer

I got the devil in my blood
Tellin' me what to do
(And I'm all ears)

Loco Locass - [wi]

Are you all ears?
When we talk about our cause
We're all ears
Either we vanish,

Mylène Farmer - Funny Creepie

with mom
Creepie all ears
Winnie said

Fran Perea - Empieza por una idea

If you want to help
Do it as a friend
I am all ears now

Breathe Carolina - Dressed Up to Undress

You tip and you toe to the middle of where we meet...
Where we meet.
And you're all ears and I'm all eyes,
you take the lead and I'll take off my disguise...

Kosha Dillz - All These Years

Moment of silence for those not here
Confidence is key if we’re locked in our fears
Wanna sit down and talk? I swear I’m all ears
Let’s do it now, we’ve been waiting all these years

Babasónicos - Pijamas

Losing myself in the skin of a persecuted outcast
I left behind a glitter circus
I wanted to tell you and hope that you be all ears

Lefa - On the teracce

Even if there are problems, for real, it's not a big deal
Go, don't be mean, give me good news
No, don't be mean, I am all ears
I'm sure you have a photo of your son in your wallet

Trey Songz - Talk About It

If I don't wanna talk about it
But if I wanna talk about it
She's all ears
She says she's really worried 'bout me

Ravi (South Korea) - OX

Consider yourself lucky I’m a pacifist and see you as pathetic
Now I’m thinking of doing songs
if you’re thinking of hating I’m all ears so go for it
I don’t want to make flimsy excuses

The Whitest Boy Alive - All Ears

I'm so happy you called
I really needed a break
From all the people I see
All the people I spend time with