Am I my brother's keeper?

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Meanings of "Am I my brother's keeper?"


Poslovi drugih me ne zanimaju. Šta se mene tiču drugi.

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Explained by sajlovicnatasasajlovicnatasa

लिरिक्स में "Am I my brother's ..."

Digable Planets - Pacifics

Ye it's kicking out the speakers of the Sunday morning jeepers
My man do Planets do it lovely
Am I my brother's keeper
We foot it to the park where the swoon units walk

Lil Wayne - CoCo

[Hook 2]
And this that Sorry 4 The Wait 2
No more am I my brother's keeper, Cain and Abel
Young Money sharp, I'm still eatin', I just chipped my tooth

Soja - Your Song

[Damian Marley:]
Now greetings to the world, voice of the one called Big Gong-zilla
Alongside SOJA, ooh-wee, yeah, do it, Jah

The Four Tops - Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Everybody should have someone to love
Why are so many people lonely?
Why the fightin’, why the pain?
Are smiles for children only?

Sefyu - Yes I Am

That even rolled a joint, filmed while speaking nonsense
I'm writing to you because my brother is running where the bullets were
I better understand "Am I my brother's keeper" in retrospect
Because young people are in the Matrix, the capsule

Exodus - The Last Act Of Defiance

The terrible double meaning is thus imparted
to the original question of human ethics
"Am I my brother's keeper?"