Bi Siktirin Gidin (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

  • आर्टिस्ट: TeSTaMeNTR (Deniz Gök Selçuk, Antalya, A Collection of Doom, Deppresive and Suicidal and Communal Fascist Poetry of Mine)
  • गाना: Bi Siktirin Gidin
  • अनुवाद: अंग्रेज़ी

Bi Siktirin Gidin

Üzerine alınan alınsın
Bu ülke için
Bi siktirsin gitsin
Şeriat isteyenler
Atatürk'ü kötüleyenler
Bi siktirsin gitsin
Kendini kaf dağında sananlar
Kılıktan kılığa girenler
Yalakalıkta sınır tanımayanlar
Bi siktirsin gitsin
İnsanın hayatına karışanlar
Türbanlı, açık diye ayıranlar
Hem ayranım dökülmesin, hem götüm sikilmesinciler
Bi siktirsin gitsin
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अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवादअंग्रेज़ी
Align paragraphs

Just ** and get out

You can feel bad about it you can [feel that way] but I dont care at all 1
If you dont work for this country
Just ** [yourself] and get out 2
All of those who want to follow the "Şeriat" rules 3
The ones who discredits Atatürk
just ** [yourself] and go away to Arabia
The ones who think that they are in the Kaf mountain 4
Those who change but only to get their own benefits 5
The ones who don't take care about the limit of "yalakalık"6
[All of them] can just ** and get out
Those who 7 interfere in people's lives
Those who discriminates "the headscarfed, or not headscarfed people"
And all of those who want to have everything that they want 8
Just ** and get out
  • 1. Literally it means: "if you take over" (here with literally I'm referring to GT
  • 2. Also I think "get lost" is a possible translation"
  • 3. Lit: "the ones who wants 'Şeriat'". Şeriat - This word is referring to İslam rules or the İslamic things
  • 4. Referring to Mount Qaf, which is a legendary mountain in the popular mythology of the Middle East and a legendary city in the Muslim folklore of Central and South Asia
  • 5. The ones who "şekilden şekile giren" (example: You used to hate her, but now she is your best friend. You change only for your own benefits)
  • 6. To treat really really good to someone to get something that you want, for your benefits. Just for it and nothing more.100% interest only
  • 7. "The ones who..."
  • 8. This sentence is a resume sentence. Of course is not the true translation because, sorry for not doing this, this sentence contains tons of swearings and experissions and so of that I won't translate it. Apologizes
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O, that contains TONS of swearing... I do my best but I'm not so good at english and that is hard to translate and I won't ask my mum for help Wink smile for sure

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